Mall Jobs in Canada For Foreigners With Visa Sponsorship Paying Over $35/hour

As we all know too well, it’s really hard to find a job that pays well and will also help you get your work permit in Canada. But after doing a lot of research, I found some pretty good options at malls across Canada that pay over 35 Canadian dollars an hour and will help with your immigration status. Pretty cool, right? I was surprised too. 


Are you a Nigerian or African, you can kickstart your Canada relocation journey by applying for Jobs in Canada that offer Visa sponsorship. What this means is that, when you are selected for this job, you don’t have to worry about Visa. Below are some top jobs you can apply for right now.

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In this article, I want to give you a quick overview of some of the best mall jobs in Canada I discovered. I know it sounds too good to be true. But I promise these jobs and pay rates are for real! Before I reveal these jobs to you, do you know what a mall is?  Let’s find out. 

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What’s A Mall?

A mall is like a big indoor shopping centre with tons of stores all under one roof. You’ll find everything from clothing shops to electronics places to restaurants all gathered together. Sometimes malls also have movie theatres or game houses attached to them for entertainment. 

The really huge malls usually cover a couple of city blocks and have a few levels of floors connected by escalators. Then there are also smaller malls that are just one building. Either way, they’re big complexes where you can find almost anything you need to buy without having to go from store to store outdoors. 

Pretty much all major cities in Canada have at least a couple of malls. Believe it or not, many are always on the hunt for good employees, even from abroad. Below are some popular malls in Canada: 

  • 1. Yorkdale Shopping Centre (Toronto, ON)
  • 2. Sherway Gardens (Toronto, ON) 
  • 3. Square One Shopping Centre (Mississauga, ON)
  • 4. Polo Park (Winnipeg, MB) 
  • 5. Champlain Place (Dieppe, NB)
  • 6. Halifax Shopping Centre (Halifax, NS)
  • 7. Devonshire Mall (Windsor, ON)
  • 8. Limeridge Mall (Hamilton, ON)
  • 9. RioCan Oakville Centre (Oakville, ON) 
  • 10. Regent Mall (Fredericton, NB)
  • 11. Sunridge Mall (Calgary, AB)
  • 12. Mayfair Shopping Centre (Calgary, AB)
  • 13. Lansdowne Place (Peterborough, ON)
  • 14. Dartmouth Shopping Centre (Dartmouth, NS) 
  • 15. Cornwall Centre (Cornwall, ON)
  • 16. Champlain Mall (Brossard, QC) 
  • 17. Hillside Shopping Centre (Victoria, BC)
  • 18. Guildford Town Centre (Surrey, BC)
  • 19. Charlottetown Mall (Charlottetown, PE)
  • 20. Confederation Court (St. John’s, NL)

Mall Jobs in Canada For Foreigners

Apply for Sales Associate Job White Oaks Mall (London, ON)

At this mall, Sales Associates help customers by providing product knowledge, handling purchases and helping with returns or exchanges. good communication skills are important. You’d be working anywhere from 15-30 hours per week including evenings and weekends. It pays $14.50/hour to start.


Sales Associate-Quinte Mall (Belleville, ON)

Similar duties here assisting customers for various stores in the mall. Must be able to multitask, and work both independently and as part of a team. Great first job to learn customer service skills and retail procedures. Pays $15/hour.


Sales Associate-Bayshore Shopping Centre (Ottawa, ON)

At this mall, sales associates help customers find products, ring through purchases, stock shelves and help keep their store area clean. Previous retail experience and the ability to work well under pressure are assets. Compensation depends on the specific store but many pay minimum wage ($15.50 in ON) to start. 

APPLY HERE  and You can get more options HERE

Pros and Cons 

Before we wrap up let’s talk about some pros and cons of working at a shopping mall up here in Canada:


  • A generally stable job with good potential to move up over time. Malls tend to keep their workers.
  • Often can get full-time hours right away rather than just part-time. Good for visas. 
  • Get discounts at stores so you can save some dough while you work. 
  • Inside locations mean no bad weather getting to and from your shifts. 
  • Lots of people around all the time make shifts go faster than slower solo jobs.


  • Weekend and evening hours required most spots. Can hurt your social life.
  • Standing all day at retail jobs can get tiring on your feet. 
  •  Crowded around holidays but dead at other times. Income may vary.
  • Layoffs are possible if the whole mall or a major store shuts down for good. 
  •  Some jobs like maintenance do require experience Canada may not fully recognize.

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