Supermarket Jobs in Canada With Free Visa $35/Hour

This year, Canada’s leading supermarket chains are actively seeking foreign talent eligible for visa sponsorship. If you are planning to relocate to Canada, supermarket jobs are the easiest to get. The good thing about this is the fact that these jobs come with VISA sponsorship.

 Below you will see the available roles and the associated advantages.

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Supermarket Employment Opportunities in Canada with Visa Sponsorship

Why Consider Supermarket Employment in Canada? The reason is that Canadian supermarkets are not just places to shop; they represent platforms for professional growth.

Supermarket positions foster a wide array of skills, from customer interaction to multitasking at the checkout. Whether you’re pursuing an entry-level cashier position or aiming for a managerial role, Canada’s supermarket industry offers a wealth of opportunities. Particularly beneficial for international students, these roles often feature schedules that accommodate academic commitments.

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In addition to competitive salaries, many supermarket jobs come with enticing benefits packages.

How can I apply for this Canadian Job?

To be considered for a supermarket position in Canada in 2023, you should:

  • hold legal work authorization in Canada. Those residing outside of Canada can explore the Express Entry program.
  • Be proficient in either French or English, or both.
  • Possess 1-2 years of work experience, though this may not be a strict requirement.
  • Fulfill specific age requirements, especially for roles involving the sale of alcohol.
  • Take note that Certain positions may necessitate educational qualifications or specific skills, such as exceptional communication or numerical abilities.

Supermarket Employers in Canada and How to Apply

  1. Metro Inc.

Metro Inc., renowned in Québec and Ontario, is a multifaceted company with a significant presence in the food and pharmacy sectors. They boast a chain of 953 food stores under various brands. 648 pharmacies, providing employment to nearly 90,000 individuals.

Roles Available: From stocking to cash handling, Metro Inc. offers a wide array of opportunities.

Job Requirements

  • Strong customer service skills.
  • Proficiency in setting up displays and stocking items.
  • Knowledge of products and prior retail experience is advantageous.
  • Ability to work independently and stand for extended periods.
  • Willingness to work various shifts, including weekends, nights, and holidays.

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  • T&T Supermarket Corporation

Established in 1993, T&T stands as Canada’s largest Asian supermarket chain. They are committed to inclusivity and ensure non-discrimination in their hiring processes.

Job Responsibilities

  • Efficiently and accurately process customer transactions.
  • Vigilance against potential fraud, such as incorrect product codes or fraudulent cards.
  • Properly pack items, segregate hot and cold items, and raw from cooked food.
  • Maintain excellent customer service, greeting customers with a friendly smile.

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Lucky Supermarket – Manager or Cashier

Lucky Supermarket provides multiple career paths, whether you aspire to become an assistant store manager or a cashier.

Essential requirements include:

  • Ability to work independently with minimal supervision.
  • Friendly demeanor focused on assisting customers, and quick learning abilities.
  • Collaborative team player.
  • Accountability for actions and attention to detail.
  • Adaptability to change and a desire for self-improvement.
  • Flexibility with work hours.
  • Proficiency in a second language is advantageous.
  • Bonus: Proficiency in Mandarin, Cantonese, or Vietnamese is a plus!

How to Apply for Lucky Supermarket – Manager or Cashier Positions?

Send an Email application to the respective supermarket’s HR department. For instance, for Lucky Supermarket, send it to

Always include the job position and any reference number in the subject line of your email. For those seeking more opportunities, the Canada Job Bank is an excellent platform. Do check it out here.

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