Farm Jobs in Canada for foreigners

10 Farm Jobs in Canada Open to Foreigners

Canada has a robust agriculture industry that plays a significant role in the country’s economy. Each year, Canadian farms require thousands of additional farm workers to tend to crops, operate machinery, manage livestock, and complete other essential tasks. While many of these positions are filled by Canadian citizens and permanent residents, there are also opportunities for qualified foreigners to gain valuable work experience on Canadian farms through various temporary foreign worker programs.


This article will reveal to you 10 of the top farm job options currently open to foreigners seeking agricultural employment in Canada. The jobs featured were selected based on research analyzing factors like typical wages, skill level requirements, job demand, and opportunities for employment across different regions. While job availability and specifics can vary annually, these roles generally provide solid prospects for foreign nationals hoping to spend a season or longer contributing to Canadian farms.


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Farm Laborers

Farm labourers represent one of the most common and accessible farm job categories for foreigners. Work involves general farm duties like harvesting and packing fruits/vegetables, operating machinery, land preparation, and weeding. Labourers are in high demand across all provinces during peak growing seasons. Prior experience is beneficial but not always mandatory for these physically demanding roles. Pay typically ranges from minimum wage to $16/hour depending on skills/responsibilities.

Dairy Farm Workers

The dairy industry relies on year-round employees to care for and milk cows, maintain equipment/facilities, and complete other tasks. Jobs include milkers, barn helpers, and calf/heifer caretakers. Dairy farmers especially in Ontario, Quebec, and the Prairies regularly hire temporary foreign workers for these positions paying $14-18/hour. Some farming experience is generally required for dairy farm roles. On-the-job training is provided.

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Swine/Poultry Farm Workers

Managing livestock facilities like hog barns and poultry operations demands dedicated employees. Positions available include animal caretakers, equipment operators, and quality control inspectors. The swine industry has been increasing foreign worker recruitment across Western Canada in particular. Starting wages for these jobs average around $15-17/hour. Applicants should have a strong work ethic and ability to perform physically intensive tasks.

Greenhouse Workers

Canada’s greenhouse sector is a major employer of temporary foreign workers. Jobs involve growing, harvesting, and packaging flowers, vegetables, and herbs year-round in controlled indoor environments. Common roles are plant/inventory technicians and seasonal harvesting positions. Strong candidates can earn up to $16/hour. Greenhouse experience is preferred but training is provided by employers located nationwide with operations in all climate zones.

Equipment Operators

Driving and maintaining agriculturally-focused machinery is a skilled task requiring certification for many equipment types in Canada. Foreign job seekers with experience operating tractors, combines, seeders or other ag equipment can find operator jobs paying $18-25/hour or more. Opportunities exist across the Prairies during planting/harvest periods as well as year-round equipment maintenance roles in some provinces. A valid driver’s license is standard.

Agriculture Managers/ Supervisors

For experienced farm workers interested in leadership positions, farm management, and supervisor roles provide career advancement. Responsibilities involve overseeing daily activities, record-keeping, resolving employee issues and liaising with farming clients/regulatory bodies. Requirements typically include 2-5 years of hands-on experience, strong communication/problem-solving abilities, and occasional weekend/evening work. Salaries range between $45,000-$65,000 depending on the scope of management duties and farmland acreage. Candidates from developing nations are sought after for their agricultural expertise which benefits Canadian producers.

Apiarists/ Beekeepers

Pollination services and honey production support Canada’s agriculture industry year-round. Apiarists work independently maintaining hives, extracting/packaging honey, pollinating crops and operational tasks. Lesser known but interesting niche option for experienced beekeepers from overseas hoping to work outdoors. Applicants require a certificate or diploma in apiculture. Average annual incomes range $30,000-$45,000 depending on hive/apiary sizes managed.

Meat/Poultry Processing Plant Workers

The Canadian meat industry relies on a steady supply of employees for processing animal proteins. Common jobs involve operating machinery, quality control duties, and packaging products for distribution. Physical tasks are performed within temperature-controlled facilities. Plant work is available throughout the year paying $14-$18 hourly. Temp foreign workers are viable candidates with strong attention to sanitation standards required in this regulated field.

Agriculture Consultants/Researchers

Foreign agricultural specialists and researchers can leverage their education/experience to support the Canadian agricultural sector. Consulting positions provide technical advice assisting farmers, food producers, and rural communities. Candidates work independently evaluating soils/crops, developing sustainable strategies, Conducting field research projects, and reporting data findings. Annual incomes tend to exceed $55,000 for professionally accredited consultants/researchers working in their own businesses or organizations nationwide.

Veterinary Assistants

The veterinary profession demands farm animal healthcare support staff. Common assistant jobs involve assisting veterinarians during medical procedures, sample collection, record-keeping, and facility cleaning/upkeep. Additional qualifications like large animal handling experience advance one’s profile. positions pay on average $15-18/hour worked mostly in rural communities/private practices across all regions. Large/mixed animal experience is preferred when providing on-farm care to livestock and production animals.

Final Thoughts

In summary, Canada’s booming agriculture industry and need for foreign labor have resulted in a variety of options for non-Canadian citizens seeking rewarding experiences in rural farming communities. Skilled candidates and those willing to work hard stand an excellent chance of securing agricultural employment matching their qualifications. Programs supporting temporary foreign workers help fill vital roles prospering different food sectors nationwide. With the right preparation and commitment, farming in Canada can yield career opportunities for dedicated global farming enthusiasts.


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