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Hiring Now: Delivery Driver Jobs in Canada With Visa Sponsorship 

For immigrants seeking employment opportunities that can lead to permanent residency in Canada, delivery driving is one of the most promising career paths to consider. Transportation jobs are in high demand across the country year-round, ranging from local delivery to long-haul trucking and commercial operations. 

What makes driving careers even more appealing is that obtaining the required commercial licenses, like Class 1 or 3, does not involve years of academic schooling or taking on substantial debt. 

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In this article, I will show you some of the best delivery driver positions currently available on the Canadian job market that also offer the potential for employer sponsorship through visa programs. Ranging from long-haul trucking to food delivery, these roles have become a gateway to permanent residency and stable careers for many newcomers to Canada. 

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Class 1 Long Haul Truck Driver Jobs

One of the most common driving opportunities advertised for immigration is long-haul trucking roles that require a Class 1 license. Companies in need of drivers to transport goods across Canada and internationally will often directly source and sponsor foreign workers. 

ALLFREIGHT TRANSPORT LTD in Calgary is currently hiring Class 1 drivers with a minimum of 2 years experience. They provide benefits and salaries ranging from $75,000-$90,000 per year. ALLFREIGHT also explicitly states they will sponsor applicants eligible to work in Canada.

Another trucking company, Garrys Moving & const Ltd based in Surrey, BC is recruiting Class 1 drivers to perform pre/post trip inspections and earn $70,000-90,000 annually. While sponsorship isn’t mentioned, their open job posting signals a willingness to consider applicants requiring visas.

Canada Worker Trades has a listing for a Winnipeg-based truck driver position paying an estimated $41,236-$52,213 yearly. The ad specifies performing vehicle checks and maintaining logbooks. Contacting the employer directly could provide clarity on potential visa sponsorship for qualified candidates.

Local and Regional Delivery Options

For drivers seeking jobs with less time away from home, several companies are hiring for local and regional delivery routes. 

Clark Reefer Lines Ltd. in Kamloops is looking for a full-time line haul driver with a Class 1 license and minimum 2 years experience. While sponsorship isn’t mentioned, the ad implies visa holders could qualify. Pay is $25-27 per hour.

E.T Transport in Moncton has an opening for an international flatbed driver with secondary education and 2 years of experience. They explicitly state this role comes with a pre-approved LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) for sponsorship at a rate of $21 per hour. 

Couriers and Parcel Companies

Food and parcel delivery drivers are also in demand. These roles may involve driving smaller commercial vehicles for companies like SkipTheDishes, UberEats or Canada Post. 

Alpha Better Landscaping in Calgary needs a laborer/driver paying $18-22 hourly. Requirements include a valid license, a clean abstract, and at least 2 years of experience. They could potentially sponsor through the right candidate.

How to Appy for Jobs with Visa Sponsorship

Applying for these driving jobs isn’t easy as an immigrant, but it’s so important to really put yourself out there. First, look closely at any jobs that mention sponsorship – those are the golden opportunities. 

Don’t just send an online application, make sure to get on the phone and introduce yourself. Be ready to talk about your experience and qualifications right away. Also, point out any skills you have that relate closely to what they’re looking for.

Employers need to feel confident in you before doing all the paperwork to sponsor you. So emphasize how committed you are and that you understand the process. Having your resume, licenses, degrees – everything organized and at your fingertips shows you’re a serious candidate.

Mention upfront that you know the visa requirements and are willing to handle your side of things. Being upfront about needing sponsorship takes courage. But it helps them see you for your skills and fit, not just your status.

Sign up for alerts on driving jobs so you don’t miss opportunities. Sometimes all it takes is one employer to take a chance. If you put in maximum effort, someone will recognize your potential to represent your company.

You can apply for any of these jobs discussed in this article HERE 


In summary, delivery driving offers immigrants a stable career path with clear routes to sponsorship and permanent residency in Canada. Demand remains high across transportation roles from long-haul to local delivery. 

While effort is needed, highlighting qualifications and reaching out directly to the employers listed increases the chances of finding the right fit. With proper research and perseverance, many newcomers have already succeeded through this door.