Best Companies That Sponsor Work Visa in Canada

If one of your goals in life is to move to and work in Canada– where maple syrup flows like water and apologizing is practically a national sport? Welcome onboard as I will be taking you through this comprehensive guide on some top companies in Canada that offer Visa sponsorship.

It is true that before you can work in Canada or any country for that matter, you will need a work visa, and not just any work visa – you want the full “eh”-experience. Well, buckle up, because we’re about to introduce you to some of the companies in Canada that are known for sponsoring work Visas.

So, follow me, let’s take this journey together.

Tim Hortons

One of the top companies in Canada that offers free visas for foreigners is Tim Hortons. The company is known for its quality coffee, donuts, sandwiches,

In order to be employed here, it is important you have some experience working with a restaurant.  Also, it is an added advantage If you can operate a coffee machine without creating a caffeine tsunami. 

You must have a friendly smile that can melt the polar ice caps, you’re well on your way to serving Canada’s favorite brew. Plus, saying “eh” now and then earns you bonus points.

Maple Leaf Foods

This is one of the top food companies in Canada. As they say, “When in Canada, do as the Canadians do” – which basically means eat bacon. Maple Leaf Foods, a leading food processing company, offers work visa sponsorships for individuals in various roles, from quality control to research and development. If you have a passion for pork, they’ve got your back!

If you are a foreigner looking for an opportunity in Canada. This is one of the companies that is constantly recruiting. For you to be employed here, you must be a passionate, hard-working individual who enjoys tackling new challenges and expanding your career horizons.

Then you can visit their website and send in your CV. The head office is based in Mississauga, Ontario, and they have over 25 facilities across Canada and the United States.  

Rogers Communications

Let’s take a look at another company that is in the telecommunications industry. Rogers Communications is one of Canada’s leading providers of wireless and cable services. The coy is known to sponsor work visas. That means if you get an offer from them, your Visa needs will be taken care of.

To apply for Jobs here, Visit the link here


 Social media aficionados, this one’s for you. Hootsuite, the social media management platform, has a reputation for assisting talented individuals in acquiring work visas. You’ll be helping the world tweet, post, and snap while wearing owl-themed merchandise.


If you’re interested in e-commerce and working in a vibrant tech environment, Shopify is a fantastic choice. They’ve been known to help talented techies obtain work visas. With a mission to make commerce better for everyone, it’s a win-win.


Have you always wanted to work in the aviation industry? WestJet, one of Canada’s favorite airlines, might be the ticket. They’ve been known to sponsor work visas for various positions, from pilots to customer service.

University of Toronto

For those with a passion for education, the University of Toronto, one of Canada’s most prestigious institutions, is a visa sponsor. As an educator or researcher, you can be part of their mission to nurture minds and shape the future.


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