Healthcare Jobs in Canada

10 Healthcare Jobs in Canada With Work Permits

The healthcare industry is one of the most steady employers across Canada, always in need of qualified medical professionals to meet domestic demands. As an aging population places increasing strain on our healthcare system, international workers are looking to fill vacant positions at all levels of care. Many roles within Canada’s healthcare sector provide the added bonus of possible immigration pathways for dedicated foreign professionals through work permit sponsorship.

This article highlights 10 leading healthcare occupations that regularly support work visa applications each year. Prospects were selected based on factors like annual job openings, education requirements, wages, and immigration eligibility. While job markets vary regionally, these in-demand profiles generally offer stability and potential pathways to Canadian permanent residency through healthcare experience.

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Healthcare Jobs in Canada With Work Permits

Registered Nurses

As the backbone of patient care delivery, registered nurses oversee daily hospital operations and assist various medical doctors. A bachelor’s degree in nursing is required to register with provincial regulatory bodies. Salaries start around $27/hour in most urban centers, rising with experience and specialization. Over 26,000 jobs open annually nationwide. RN roles rank among the easiest healthcare positions to secure long-term work visas due to persistent shortage areas.

Licensed Practical Nurses

LPNs provide essential hands-on care under registered nurse supervision. College diplomas in practical nursing suffice for licensing. Starting wages are $22/hour in hospitals or long-term care facilities, increasing to over $28/hour typically within 5 years. Most provinces register over 4,000 LPN vacancies each year. Work visa sponsorship depends on education credentials and language testing although in-demand markets like Prince Edward Island readily accept foreign candidates.


Dispensing and advising on prescription drugs demands a doctor of pharmacy degree plus provincial licensing exams. Salaries begin from $100,000 annually, rising higher with retail pharmacy management roles or hospital specializations. Over 6,000 pharmacist jobs exist across Canada seeking both generalists and specialists. International graduates have solid options for initial open work permits thanks to consistent recruitment needs.


As first responders, paramedics’ college diplomas equip them to provide emergency medical care and transport patients. Starting pay reaches $30/hour in most areas increasing with advanced certification. Some 4,200 paramedic positions become available nationally each year, particularly in Western provinces and territories. Work permit sponsorship eligibility depends on language ability and education translation.


Medical doctors who complete residency programs may apply for full licensure. Family physicians earn around $250,000 on average with specialists attaining $350,000 or higher. Over 150,000 Canadians lack ongoing access to a family doctor necessitating foreign recruitment across regions. For eligible international medical graduates, residency matching directly qualifies for closed work visas.

Medical Laboratory Technologists

Technologists conduct diagnostic tests and analyze specimens in hospital and private laboratories. A two-year college program readies for the role which starts around $27/hour rising to $39/hour with experience. Approximately 2,000 jobs open yearly across provinces where closing rural gaps requires immigrant hires. Prior education must align but opportunities exist for initial work permits.

Medical Radiation Technologists

Using technology like X-rays and MRIs, radiation technologists diagnose and monitor patients. A three-year college or hospital training program sets candidates up for the role paying $30-40/hour depending on duties and whether in hospitals or private clinics. Around 3,500 openings exist annually nationwide presenting access to closed work permits for qualified candidates willing to practice in underserved communities.


Therapy programs spanning 3-4 years at the master’s level train physiotherapists assisting mobility recovery. Salaries average $32/hour in private practice rising up to $90,000 annually in hospitals or specialty practices. Over 7,000 physio jobs need ongoing recruitment across provinces each year opening chances for international experience validation.

Occupational Therapists

Occupational therapists help patients adapt to daily living through rehabilitation. A master’s degree in occupational therapy allows for registration with colleges. Wages start from $30/hour rising with experience to $65,000 in management or clinical specialist roles. Close to 6,000 openings arise annually Canada-wide representing dependable work opportunities with open work visa options for experienced candidates.

Social Workers

Providing counseling, case management and community support requires a master’s degree in social work and provincial licensing. Average annual salaries start from $50,000 with child protection agencies or hospitals, rising to $80,000 with supervisory roles. Over 15,000 social work vacancies need filling across the country every year proposing solid immigration-linked careers for frontline workers able to address local human service gaps.

How to Get These Jobs?

The first step is ensuring your education and credentials align with licensing body requirements for the province you wish to work. Contact regulatory colleges for foreign-trained applicant details. You may need qualification recognition or bridging programs.

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Start your job search on provincial healthcare job boards like HealthMatchBC and Ontario Health Jobs which regularly post openings nationally. Hospitals also list positions directly on their websites.

Key online job sites aggregating medical opportunities include and Consider registering with staffing agencies specializing in internationally-educated placements too.

Refine your resume highlighting international clinical experience and any Canadian training. Emphasize languages spoken to expand regional options. Well-written cover letters address a person’s specifications.

Applying early allows meeting document requirements for hiring managers to support your work permit process. Most roles actively recruit up to a year in advance.

For regulated professions, confirm with prospective employers their willingness to sponsor your closed work permit before arriving. Some smaller communities regularly do so.

Once hired, your new employer can assist with the labor market opinion and work permit application through the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada online systems. Processing takes 4-6 months typically.

With continued experience, consider provincial nomination programs to qualify for permanent residency through independent or provincial stream options under Express Entry.


Canada’s healthcare industry showcases many essential jobs presenting both rewarding careers and viable work permit sponsorship prospects for foreign medical professionals. While licensing requirements exist, candidates committed to furthering their experience within underserved communities gain favorable consideration when entrepreneur immigration programs evaluate permanent residency applications. By addressing staffing shortfalls nationwide, international healthcare laborers advance quality patient care delivery supporting all Canadians’ well-being. With prudent planning, foreign candidates determined to serve abroad gain opportunities through Canada’s healthcare industry each year.