How to Adjust the Refresh Rate on the Camon 16 Premier?

You might be wondering, what is the refresh rate? Refresh rate is the number of times per second that a raster-based video display device displays a new image. This, in simple terms, means the number of times the phone screen refreshes per sec. The refresh rate measures how quickly the phone’s display updates. In other words, how often and quickly the content on the screen refreshes.

Measured in Hertz (Hz), the refresh rate counts the number of times the display refreshes every second it is on. A 60Hz display refreshes 60 times per second, 90Hz is 90 times per second, and 120Hz is 120 times per second. So, a 120Hz display refreshes twice as fast as a 60Hz panel, and 4x faster than an old 30Hz screen.

60 Hz screens are typical for mobile devices, but alas, the new Camon 16 Premier comes with an amazing 90 Hz. Higher refresh rates make your phone animation run noticeably smoother.

The Camon 16 Premier is the Pioneer camera phone from TECNO which features a 64MP quad-camera module at the back and a dual 48MP +8MP at the front. The device also comes with an octa-core Helio G90T gaming chipset with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage. With its 90Hz screen, gaming and multitasking will be a breeze.

adjust tecno camon 16 premier refresh rate

You can also easily adjust the refresh rate on the phone. So below, we would be taking you through the steps to do that.

Step 1: Go to settings on your phone
Step 2: scroll down and Click on display and brightness
Step 3: Select screen refresh rate
Step 4: Select the preferred rate.

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