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10 Best Sports Car Brands in The World

Sports cars are some of the most exciting vehicles on the planet. They combine power, performance, and sharp styling into thrilling driver machines. In this article, we will look at the 10 best sports car brands from around the world. These manufacturers consistently produce top-tier two-seat vehicles that excite automotive enthusiasts.

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1. Ferrari

Ferrari is synonymous with sports cars. The Italian brand has been producing beautiful, world-beating machines since 1947. From icons like the 250 GT California Spider to modern marvels like the SF90 Stradale, Ferrari cars exude glamour and performance. The prancing horse symbol is one of the most recognizable emblems in the world. Every Ferrari is a work of automotive art that pushes engineering to the limit. Some key things to know about Ferrari:

Racing Heritage

Ferrari was founded by Enzo Ferrari with a focus on racing. Many of its road cars directly borrow technologies and designs from Formula 1. This racing DNA courses through every Ferrari produced.

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Handcrafted in Italy

Unlike many mass producers, all Ferraris are assembled by hand in Maranello, Italy. This craftsmanship shines through in the exquisite build quality and tight tolerances.

Rarity and Exclusivity

With limited production runs, getting your hands on the latest Ferrari model is no easy task. This exclusivity is part of the Ferrari’s allure.

Engine Prowess

Whether naturally aspirated or with hybrid electric assist, Ferrari engines scream. The 812 Competizione takes a classic V12 to new realms of aural brilliance.

Iconic Designs

The 250 GT, F40, and Enzo – are automotive works of art that can be spotted from over 100 feet away thanks to lasting, epic design.

In summary, Ferrari is the gold standard. Its combination of prestige, performance, and passion is unmatched in the sports car world. The waitlists say it all.

2. Porsche

Porsche is a household sports car name known for its dynamic duo – the iconic 911 and record-smashing 918. Founded in Stuttgart in 1931, Porsche is the world’s largest maker of premium high-performance sports cars.

Some key things to know about Porsche:


Unlike many dedicated sports cars, Porsches can be daily driven, loaded for trips, or tracked on weekends with their superb tuning flexibility.


The ever-evolving rear-engined 911 has been produced continuously since 1963, building a legacy few can rival.

Engineering Excellence

Whether with naturally aspirated or turbo flat-sixes, Porsches showcase finely honed abilities on both road and track thanks to precision German engineering.

Hybrid Prowess

The 918 showed the potential of hybrid sports cars years ago, producing record Nurburgring laps and 1,000+ hp. Its technology lives on.

Affordable Luxury

While a top 911 GT3 can easily top $150,000, many 718 Boxsters and base 911s deliver incredible value and performance starting in the high $70k range.

With such a full model range from accessible roadsters to hypercars, pedigree racing history, and ability to be driven hard yet refined every day, Porsche is arguably the most well-rounded brand on this list.

3. McLaren

McLaren Automotive burst onto the scene in the early 2010s with iconic supercars like the P1 and 720S, cementing its star status among luxury sports brands. Hailing from Woking, England, McLaren produces some of the most stunning yet visceral driver machines available. Don’t let the lack of history in road cars compared to Ferrari and Porsche fool you – McLaren knows how to make a great sports car.

Formula 1 Technology

McLaren’s expertise comes directly from its world-dominating Formula 1 team. Race car techs like carbon fiber construction and brake-by-wire trickle down to road cars.

Lightweight Construction

McLarens are some of the lightest vehicles thanks to extensive carbon use. This shines in mind-blowing acceleration and handling balance.

Hybrid Prowess

Pioneers of electrified supercars, the P1 still dominates. The New Artura plug-in hybrid promises incredible green performance.

Sharp, Ahead-of-Trend Designs

Each McLaren breaks the mold, with the 720S and GT looking to the future just as much as their performance.

Luxury and Comfort

McLarens blend top-shelf interiors expected of six-figure price tags with sports car handling flair.

In just over a decade, McLaren has stormed to the front of the pack with some of the most technologically advanced yet beautifully sculpted supercars around.

4. Chevrolet

Chevy? An American brand in a world sports car lineup? Yes indeed – Chevy has decades of history designing fun, affordable yet high-performing sports cars like the Camaro and Corvette that punch far above their weight. Here’s a quick overview:


The “Vette” defined the American sports car since 1953. Even the base model is a 638-hp monster, while the top Z06 and ZR1 reinvent performance year after year.


While the Camaro started as a Mustang competition, modern SS and ZL1 1LE variants show Chevy means serious business in the muscle car wars.


Where a new Corvette can be had in the high $50k range or less, much of the world of “affordable” supercars starts well above $100k.

Technological Touches

From MagneRide to multiple active systems, Chevy infuses cutting-edge features once found only on price-no-object exotics.

Heritage and aftermarket

With decades of passionate fandom, the Chevy aftermarket scene ensures these sports cars can hang with anything – out of the box or further tuned.

Don’t write Chevy off because they’re not imported – Americans have taught the world a thing or two about making scintillatingly fun yet accessible performance machines.

5. Nissan

Nissan? Yes – the brand known for reliable family haulers also has a storied sports car division, anchored around the legendary GT-R. Here’s what to know:


The GT-R defined a new category of “super sports” cars with its extreme grip, tech, and speed from the factory floor start. It remains one of the fastest-accelerating vehicles on the planet after over a decade of updates.

Z Sports Cars

The 370Z and 400Z continue the legend of Datsun/Nissan’s “Z” cars spanning five decades. The new 400Z promises a return to mechanical purity.

Engineering Prowess

Whether with ATTESA E-TS all-wheel control or sophisticated Turbo systems, GT-R shows dedication to perfecting traction and response through smart engineering.


While a new GT-R pushes six figures, used models and 370Z coupes provide world-class performance for thriftier budgets.


From the groundbreaking S30 to modern greats, half a century of “Z” cars crafted an epic story of affordability and driving joy – a tradition that lives on.

Don’t let the family car rep fool you – Nissan knows how to build brilliant performances from accessible prices to supercar heights. The GT-R legacy stands tall.

6. Aston Martin (continued)

Aston Martins blends precision British engineering with timeless elegance and style for which no other brand is famous. Here’s an overview of the iconic British marque:

Bond Cars (continued)

Forever linked to 007, AM’s aggressive yet graceful designs ooze coolness thanks to five decades in the films. Models like the iconic DB5 continue capturing hearts as “Q branch on wheels.”

Handcrafted Beauty

Whether the DB11’s sleek fastback or Vanquish’s sharp angles, Aston designs prioritize gorgeous sheet metal handcrafted in Gaydon, England.

Heritage of Innovation

The brand founded in 1913 continues setting trends, like the Valkyrie’s F1-inspired hypercar extremes. Yet the classic V8 Vantage remains a grand touring icon.

Pushing Performance

While American muscle may have a more obvious grunt, AMs skillfully tuned for rhythmic power delivery perfectly suiting their designs’ elegance makes for scintillating rides.

Iconic and Accessible Models

From the cult classic DB7 of the 90s to the modern DBS, Aston consistently produces relatively affordable yet aspirational halo cars that regular drivers dream of.

In summary, Aston Martin designs some of the most beautifully sculpted yet brilliantly engineered sports cars in the world. Their heritage oozes charm in every exquisite handcrafted detail.

7. BMW

While known more for sports sedans and SUVs, BMW produces exciting two-seat sports cars with its M division handling developments. Here’s an overview of this leading brand:

M Models

From the iconic M3/M4 to extreme M5/M8s and limited M cars, the M division takes performance very seriously with precision engineering.

Iconic Silhouettes

The Z4 roadster and 8 Series coupe designs exude classic yet modern grand touring style with excellent ergonomics and adjustability.

Driving Engagement

Whether powered by inline-six, V8 or turbo engines, BMWs prioritize rewarding feedback, balance and precision over outright numbers.

Technological Touches

Active M Differentials, torque vectoring, adjustable suspensions – BMWs integrate new tech seamlessly for real-world trackability matched to the street.

Accessible Luxury Performance

While M models command big premiums, base 2 Series, Z4 and 8 Series coupes provide world-class driving enjoyment and presentation at reasonable prices.

BMW’s well-rounded portfolio shows dedication to creating fun-focused yet refined driver machines across a spectrum of budgets. Their M division consistently shows excellence.

8. Alfa Romeo

This historic Italian brand is back with a vengeance. While known for sedans decades ago, Alfa now focuses on joyous driver cars:


The carbon-bodied 4C helped usher Alfa’s renaissance with its dazzling nimbleness and handling precision delivering retro roadster charm and modern performance.


Alfa’s first SUV prioritizes driving fun rather than comfort, fusing practicality with dynamic verve only this brand can provide.

Iconic Designs

With its “scudetto” grille, curves, and Italianate style, an Alfa is unmistakable. The Giulia sedan is a beauty.

Homecoming for the Passionate

Alfas begs to be driven with gusto thanks to finely honed reflexes and thrilling engines featuring sonorous notes befitting their heritage.

Heritage of Success

Racing prowess and historically excellent build quality give reasons to consider Alfa once more for driving excitement done the Italian way.

This brand proves that soul, not specs, makes a great sports car. Alfa is back to prove its heart.

9. Lotus

Small but mighty, Lotus produces some of the finest handling machines that fit 2-seaters like a glove. Here’s what to know:

Exige and Elise

Iconic minimalist roadsters define the brand, balancing lightness, power, and precision steering that make every drive a choreographed dance.


The 2+2 coupe brought Lotus to accessible grand touring without sacrificing its renowned nimbleness and feedback.


The recently debuted Emira supercar slots above the Evora with more power and luxury, yet the same featherweight finesse customers have come to demand.

Track Prowess

Lotus prioritizes shedding pounds and optimizing dynamics. This is why they’re often first choice for serious compact track weapons.

Engineering Heritage

Foundational lessons from the original Elan of 1957 live on in the perfect 50/50 weight distribution and superb chassis tuning allowing ultimate driver interaction.

Small may seem limiting, but Lotus proves less can be oh so much more – especially when it comes to pure driving joy.

10. Toyota

Toyota? While known for reliability worldwide, they have penned some iconic affordable rear-wheel-drive cars including:


The legendary 1990s A80 Supra is revered for its legendary 2JZ inline-six and aftermarket tuning potential. The new GR Supra rekindles this spirit with BMW power.


Developed with Subaru, the twin 86 and BRZ brought back the fun, lightweight sports coupe for people at a reasonable price focusing on driving involvement.


The mid-engine MR2 delivered thrills through three generations with sharp handling and innovative layouts, proving small doesn’t mean slow.


Iconic fastback and liftback Celicas of the 80s and 90s balanced style with zippy performance both naturally aspirated and with early turbochargers.

While not typically pigeonholed as a sports car ace, Toyota has time and again produced affordable yet brilliant machines for the driving enthusiast. Their affordability makes performance possible for the masses.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a sports car?

A sports car is a vehicle designed for driving enjoyment with an emphasis on handling, acceleration, and top speeds over comfort. They usually have 2 seats and a rear-wheel drive configuration for precise balance.

What are some sports car body styles?

Common sports car body styles are two-door coupes, T-tops, convertibles, and targas with removable roof panels as well as occasional compact roadsters.

What makes a good sports car?

Key attributes of great sports cars are sharp handling, balanced weight distribution, high power-to-weight ratio, precise steering, strong brakes, and low curb weight. Manual transmissions are also preferred for control.

How much do sports cars usually cost?

Prices vary widely by brand, model, and specs. Entry-level sports cars start around $30k while premium brands’ offerings can top $200k or more. Used sports cars are often a more affordable way to enjoy the driving experience.

Are sports cars practical to own?

While not as functional as SUVs or sedans, sports cars can work well as daily drivers, especially with 2 seats. Weekend track days or group drives make ownership even more worthwhile. They may require premium fuel. Repairs can also be expensive due to advanced engineering.

Top 10 Best Sports Car Engines

1. Ferrari F140 V12

An iconic stalwart producing operatic noises.

2. Porsche Flat-6 Boxer

A charming musical voice in many 911 variants through the years.

3. Honda S2000 VTEC 4-cylinder

A soulful and soaring naturally aspirated revver.

4. Toyota 2JZ Inline-6

A tuning legend thanks to durability and response to modifications.

5. Mazda Miata/MX-5 4-Cylinder

A joyous and free-revving motor perfectly suits the classic roadster format.

6. Nissan VR38DETT V6 Twin-Turbo (Nissan GT-R)

A technological tour de force that can outmuscle V8s with response and reliability.

7. Audi 5-Cylinder Turbo (RS3, TT RS)

A charismatic and snarling sound characterizes this unique configuration.

8. Mercedes-AMG 6.2L V8 (SLS AMG)

A raspy and challenging powerplant to tame yet hugely rewarding when on song.

9. Aston Martin V12

A grand tourer’s effortlessly flexible yet soulful 12-cylinder soundtrack.

10. BMW S65 V8 (E92 M3)

A high-revving and mechanical V8 perfect for track weapon daily drivers.

Sports Car Buyer’s Guide

Here are some tips for finding the perfect sports car to suit your needs:

Define your budget

Consider total costs like insurance, taxes and expected repairs when setting your price range. Certified pre-owned is often a good value.

Two seats enough?

True sports cars are small. Consider occasional cargo needs which may sway you to small sports coupes, convertibles or Porsche/BMW options.

Manual or automatic?

A manual gives purer driving involvement but automatics ease daily use – both have merits, see what fits your lifestyle.

New vs used?

New gets warranty peace of mind while a 1-3 year old certified used car saves tens of thousands and is still under factory coverage.

Convertible or coupe?

Droptops add fun but lose structure, coupes may be more practical as a only car. Test drive both Body styles.

American, European or Japanese?

Each region brings its personality – find what brand’s character fits your image and desire for power, handling, or value.

Hardtop vs soft-top convertible?

Hardtops have a fixed roof for a coupe-like drive every day while softtops prioritize open-air enjoyment over rigidity.


In conclusion, sports cars are built for thrill and excitement. They are designed to be passionate and offer driving pleasure like no other. While there are many great sports car brands in the world, we looked at 10 that stood out the most according to reviews, popularity, and racing success. No matter which brand someone prefers, all sports cars are meant to put a smile on your face when behind the wheel.