Working Visa in Canada

How to Move to Canada with Express Entry

Have you thought about moving to Canada? This article how you can make your dream of moving to Canada via the Express Entry route as seamless as possible. Express Entry is one of the ways immigrants can move to Canada and live there permanently.

Living in Canada forever means getting permanent residency. Permanent residency allows you to live and work without a time limit. It can lead to becoming a citizen one day too.

Express Entry helps the Canadian government pick the best people each year. Canada wants people who can help the economy. Express Entry helps them choose those with useful skills, work experience, education, and language abilities. 

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Express Entry started in 2015. Candidates make an online profile. The government checks profiles every two weeks. Profiles get points for things like age, educational background, jobs, and language skills. Those with the highest points get invited to apply for permanent residency.

This article will go over:

  • How to qualify for Express Entry
  • Making your online profile  
  •  Getting invited to apply
  • -Moving to your new home in Canada

Moving to Canada is a big change. But many people succeed through Express Entry. With preparation and effort, you can too. Let’s learn more about how to make Canada your new home forever.

What is Express Entry?

Express Entry is Canada’s online system. It helps the government pick the best candidates for immigration each year. Canada wants immigrants who can help the economy. Express Entry helps them choose applicants with useful skills, work experience, education, and language abilities.

Express Entry started in 2015. Candidates create an online profile and are placed in a pool. The government looks at profiles every two weeks. Candidates get points for things like age, education, work experience, language skills, and having a job offer. Candidates with the highest scores get invited to apply for permanent residency. 

How to Qualify

To qualify for Express Entry, you need to meet all requirements. There are three main programs you can use:

  • Federal Skilled Worker – For skilled workers with work experience. You need at least one year of continuous, full-time (or equal part-time) skilled work experience within the past 10 years. 
  • Federal Skilled Trades – For skilled trades workers in jobs like construction or mechanics. You need at least two years of experience working in a skilled trade within the past five years.
  • Canadian Experience Class – For people with work experience in Canada. You need at least one year of skilled work experience in Canada within the past three years. 

You also need to meet language requirements. For English, this usually means CLB 7 or higher on the language test. For French, it’s Niveau intermédiaire. You also need at least a high school education or higher. 

How to Create Your Express Entry Profile

Once you meet the basics, proceed to create an online Express Entry profile. You will need to have all documents ready like resumes, diplomas, and language test results. You’ll answer questions about age, work experience, education, language skills, and other qualifications. 

The system calculates your Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score based on your answers. CRS scores range from 0 to 1,200 points. Higher scores mean a better chance to get an Invitation to Apply (ITA). Your strongest skills get the most points. Things like a job offer, education level, and Canadian work experience increase your score.

Express Entry Invitation and Application

In each round, the government selects candidates with the highest CRS scores. Those candidates get an ITA to apply for permanent residency within 60 days. Once invited, you pay the application fees and officially apply for permanent residency. 

At this final stage, the government reviews your entire application. They check for security, health, and other requirements. If approved, you become a permanent resident! If not, you stay in the Express Entry pool for future selection rounds.

Provincial Nomination Programs

Provincial nomination programs boost CRS scores even higher. Each Canadian province runs its own program. Provinces invite Express Entry candidates to apply for nominations in jobs or industries they need. Getting nominated adds 600 extra points, almost guaranteeing an ITA. 

Some provinces like British Columbia or Ontario have direct nomination programs. Others partner with Express Entry. Find programs offering nominations for your skills. You can research needs in regions where you want to live and work in Canada. Getting a provincial nomination is key for a much higher chance to immigrate. 

Getting Ready to Move

If approved, plan your big move to Canada! Things to prepare include housing, jobs, money, transportation, healthcare, schools for family, and more. Connect with settlement agencies for local info and support after arriving. 

Many new immigrants start living in big cities for jobs and services. But consider all regions – some offer incentives for newcomers willing to help local economies. Research climate, culture, and opportunities wherever interests you most in beautiful Canada!

Following the Express Entry process takes work but opens permanent residency doors. With planning and hard work on profiles and applications, many people succeed in their dreams of starting fully new lives up north. Canada continues welcoming immigrants who enrich its diversity with global experiences and skills every day.