african cities with the worst traffic

7 African Cities with the Worst Traffic

If you are stuck in the notorious Lagos traffic, it might look like the worst traffic congestion in the world. However, studies have shown that this city does not even come close to the top African cities with the worst traffic. No West African city can be found among the top cities with this problem.

Then the question comes- which city has the tightest gridlock? Well, according to 2018 data from the Traffic Index website, TomTom which monitored the traffic flow in 403 cities in 56 countries, Mumbai takes the number one position. Using the statistics show that a driver in this Indian city will spend 65% extra time in traffic.

As expected, African cities also feature on this list after all they offer huge populations which engage various daily economic activities. Now let’s show you the top 7 African Cities with the worst traffic.

African Cities with the Worst Traffic

This traffic is so bad you could spend a whole day stuck in them if you are not careful. Below are the African cities with the worst traffic right now.

Bloemfontein, South Africa

World Rank: 391

Africa Rank: 7

Congestion Level: 12%

Bloemfontein is the capital of the Free State of South Africa province as well as the judicial capital of South Africa. It also stands as the seventh-largest city in the country. Although this location is fondly called the City of Roses, it has one of the worst traffic congestion on the continent.

Most analysts blame the large scale use of private cars as the main cause of traffic congestion in this city. On the average, a commuter is expected to spend like an extra 7 – 8 mins per 30 min trip in the morning and evening respectively.

Durban, South Africa

World Rank: 308

Africa Rank: 6

Congestion Level: 18%

Durban is the third-most populous city in South Africa and has the busiest port in the country. It is also a manufacturing hub as well as a destination for tourists and surfers.

However, this city suffers from regular traffic congestions which results in a 308 rating. According to the traffic index, March 16, 2018 was recorded as the worst day of traffic congestions while 25 December, 2018 was a period of a free flow of vehicles.

During peak hours, commuters spend an extra 13 min stuck in traffic (in the morning) while an extra 12 mins are spent in the evening.  Non-highways also recorded the highest levels of congestion.

East London, South Africa

World Rank: 261

Africa Rank: 5

Congestion Level: 20%

Also known as Buffalo City, East London is located on the South African Eastern coast. It offers various transit options including long-distance passenger rail services to Johannesburg and Cape Town via Springfontein. Furthermore, it has two national roads and a series of major intra-city roads.

However, commuters witness traffic congestion on the city’s roads which leads to a fifth-place ranking on the traffic index. Most of the slow traffic occurs on non-highways while Monday and Tuesday mornings had huge traffic than other days of the weak.

Pretoria, South Africa

World Rank: 182

Africa Rank: 4

Congestion Level: 25%

Pretoria is the executive capital of South Africa as well as the location of several foreign embassies. It also plays the role of an academic hub due to the presence of three prominent universities.

Commuters in this city spend more time in traffic than other African cities. According to studies, a driver in Pretoria will spend an additional 17 mins in the car during a 30 min trip at peak hours. Furthermore, non-highways recorded the highest levels of traffic congestion.

Johannesburg, South Africa

World Rank: 105

Africa Rank: 3

Congestion Level: 30%

Another popular African destination, Johannesburg is the largest city in South Africa and the capital of the Gauteng province. It also has a large number of commuters on its roads.

According to TomTom, a 30 min ride can take up to 50 minutes within the morning and evening peak hours. Drivers witness the tightest gridlocks on Monday mornings while the remaining days of the week are lighter but still tough. Like most cities on our list, none highways record the highest levels of traffic congestion.

Cape Town, South Africa

World Rank: 90

Africa Rank: 2

Congestion Level: 31

In Cape Town, drivers spend almost the same time in traffic as commuters in Johannesburg. For instance, a 30 min trip takes 50 mins (as in Johannesburg). Although the traffic index recorded a 1% improvement in its congestion levels, the city still records one of the highest extra travel times on the continent.

Cario, Egypt

World Rank: 17

Africa Rank: 1

Congestion Level: 44%

This ancient city has the worst traffic congestion problems in Africa. It also has higher traffic congestion rates than in Los Angeles and Tokyo.

According to a study published by the World Bank in 2013 “Cairo Traffic Congestion”, traffic congestion makes the city lose as much as a year, which is four percent of Egypt’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

In conclusion, if you live in any of these cities you would have spent a considerable part of your life stuck in traffic. These are the top African cities with the worst traffic.