Top 10 Fun Places in Victoria Island, Lagos Nigeria

Victoria Island, known as VI in short, is an affluent area in Lagos State — Nigeria’s key commercial hub. It is the primary business and financial centre in the state and serves as the headquarters of the bulk of the major Nigerian banks and international corporations. It is among the most exclusive and expensive places to live in within Lagos. This town and island is within the boundaries of the Eti-Osa LGA (Local Government Area).

VI is among the districts in Lagos and is bordered by the Lagos Lagoon on the west, the Atlantic Ocean on the south as well as the Five Cowrie Creek to the north. The island is popular amongst the expats and staff of a number of multinational organizations.

It boasts an exciting collection of world-class restaurants, hotels, shopping malls, movie theatres, bars, night clubs, and other attractions. On the Island, property investment is a lucrative business because the cost of renting an apartment that contains luxurious amenities lies in the region of $10,000 – $48,000 (₦ 3.6million – ₦ 14.4 million) a year.

Fun Places in Victoria Island, Lagos

The destination keeps on witnessing rapid development, and in addition to along with Ikoyi — another highbrow area in Lagos — it is a favourite spot for Nigerians and foreigners to reside in, work, and catch some fun. In this write-up, we will examine the top 10 fun places in Victoria Island.

The Palms Shopping Mall

The Palms, Lekki - fun places in Victoria Island

Sited on a 45,000-square-metre plot of land, the Palms is a huge trading & entertainment centre in Lekki, which puts you in a festive mood even if you are not interested in purchasing any item. The Mall opened in 2005 and was built on swampland, reclaimed by then Obasanjo-led Nigerian government. Merely taking a walk around and enjoying different boisterous activities going on in the sparkling shop windows and enticing goods can make you feel as if you’re unwinding in some high-class party. In spite of that, The Palms offers you real thrills as there is a cinema and spots, in which you can enjoy delicious ice cream, a delectable snack, etc.

Tarkwa Bay

Tarkwa bay - fun places in Victoria Island

This cozy bay is an artificial sheltered beach, which is sited near the Lagos harbor. Owing to its status as an island, it can only be accessed via boat or water taxis. Tarkwa Bay regularly receive lots of visits from swimmers and water-sports enthusiasts; the destination equally has a welcoming resident community. The place is really worth visiting as it is away from the city, it evokes in you a feeling you’re in another world, entirely. Tarka Bay Beach is perfect for engaging in deep recreation on your own or for going on a romantic date with your special one.

Lounge Elegushi (Queen’s Park)

Elegushi lounge - fun places in Victoria Island

This is a spectacular destination, which is located within Elegushi Beach, a private beach owned by the Elegushi royal family in Lekki.  Here, you can have catch fun with your little ones. One of the attractions is the entertainment centre that normally holds events for children, particularly on Children’s Day (May 27th). If you need a place to hang out with your kids, the Elegushi lounge is your best bet, and remember to check the Queen’s Park out.

Radisson Blu

Raddison Blu - fun places in Victoria Island

Raddison Blu Anchorage Hotel, comfortable and inviting, provides shelters to travellers, offering them a magical environmental change. Each of its170 rooms & suites sports remarkable decor, made by renowned Swedish designer Christian Lundwall. It is a luxurious place that you can stay and rest for1or 2 days on any weekend you feel like pushing all the everyday hustle and bustle aside and unwind. It is also ideal for travellers returning from a long trip. Guests in all Radisson Blu rooms get to enjoy top-class amenities, such as air conditioning, the Super Breakfast Buffet, free wireless Internet connection at high speed. Additionally, the bulk of those rooms & suites give you spectacular views of the Lagos cityscape as well as the lagoon.

Mr. Chang

Mr Chang - fun places in Victoria Island

Mr. Chang Chinese Cuisine Ikoyi offers you popular Chinese dishes, which are also served in a Chinese-themed setting. If you’re looking for a restaurant in Victoria Island serving the real traditional Chinese experience, this spot deserves a look-in from you. One of the best restaurants in the whole of Lagos, Mr. Chang offers you cheerful tasty meals at cheap prices, coupled with impeccable service, nice and hospital environment. You can try out the special items they serve on select special days or visit the restaurant with your kids. 

Maison Fahrenheit Hotel

fun places in Victoria Island

If you are science-savvy, whenever you come across this hotel in VI, Fahrenheit may remind of your days of taking courses on temperature scales in Physics. Fahrenheit is also a cool place you can stay and hang out, whether you’re a resident or a traveller. One of the major locations in the area frequently visited by couples, it offers you a lively bar as well as a cozy lounge featuring nice outdoor seats, coupled with several rooms, in which you can enjoy an evening on the rooftop.


Vapors Bar, VI Lagos

Formerly known as Likwid, Vapors Bar and Lounge is ideal for you if nightlife cuts it for you. The building, which is sited on Sir Samuel Manuwa Street, VI in Lekki Peninsula, was reconstructed to cater to the demands of customers looking to enjoy the nighttime thrills in a comfortable ambience. Visiting the spacious environment and amazing lounge and bar leaves you with a feeling of pleasant accomplishment.


Rhapsody VI, lagos

Rhapsody is another top restaurant in Victoria Island for people looking to chill out and unwind. The spot offers you a sumptuous array of foods, quality collection of wines, along with a relaxed atmosphere, giving you an awesome sense of comfort. Spending an evening in Rhapsody will get you freshened up and reinvigorated.

Hard Rock Café

Hard Rock Cafe Lagos

This Oniru Estate-sited spot is among the best places to catch fun on Lagos Island. Here, you will get anything you need, including cafes, casinos, live music, among other attractions. It also offers tasty food, coupled with great apartments if you would like to spend the night. If you are a rock fan, Hard Rock Cafe is the best place to hang out with friends and enjoy an evening or weekend of superb music and loads of thrill options together.

Four Points by Sheraton

Four Points By Sheraton

This 4-star luxury hotel is located in the highbrow and serene area in Lagos metropolis. Owned by one of the popular hotels in the world, it gives you a platform to relax in an atmosphere of excellent comfort and unmatched service delivery. Four Points By Sheraton Hotel offers you tastefully furnished and exquisitely designed and rooms that could be under one of these categories — Standard room, Traditional, Studio Suite, Preferred room as well as Executive room. Spending some days in this great luxury, in addition to the full catering and top-class facilities, could be a cool way for you to relax after a busy week. Even your schedule or needs don’t permit you to spend a couple of days, Four Point hotel is perfect if you’re looking to spend an evening out with your family or friends.

These are the top 10 fun places in Victoria Island, Lagos to check out. To have a superb time and enjoy loads of thrilling options, either alone or in the company of family and friends.


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