Nigerian Wedding Reception Program Sample

Wedding receptions are where the fun happens and a Nigerian wedding reception is second to none. A wedding event without a reception program is not complete, this is where the Master of Ceremony asks the couple so many fun questions and makes a lot of jokes.

A Nigerian wedding reception program is straight to the point and complete. In Nigeria, guests would rather attend the reception than come to the church to witness your solemnization because they know that’s where they get to dance and eat & drink.

In this post, we will highlight a typical wedding reception program and what happens under each section.

Nigerian Wedding Reception Program Sample and Details

There are 11 key sections under a typical Nigerian wedding reception, let’s talk about what each represents.

Arrival of Guests

First thing first, all the invited guests are expected to have arrived before the program begins. In Nigeria, we don’t really keep to time, so don’t be surprised some people are just coming in minutes before wedding reception ends.

This section keeps you organized and makes sure the right people are sited where they are supposed to sit. Pictures are also taken and. Every other thing else is set in motion.

Introducing the Wedding Party

An introduction is required at an arrangement like a wedding reception. This makes it easier for the guests to recognize important dignitaries, the bride and groom’s parent, chairman, guest of honours, etc.

Introduction of the Bride and Groom

In Nigeria, most of the people who attends your wedding are probably strangers who just want to have fun and chill. There are people that hardly miss “Owambe” turn up in Nigeria. It is important everyone knows who the bride and groom are.

While everyone is standing, the bride and groom are ushered in with the blast of party music and guided to their king-size sits. The MC takes the honour to introduce them to everyone.

Opening Prayer

Nigeria is a very religious country and we take prayers seriously; it is also important to start events like this with a prayer so the day goes as planned. The officiating minister says a prayer while everyone is standing and it is normally short.

Serving of Food and Drinks

There is no wedding reception program without this. You want to feed your guests and. Don’t want to keep them hungry and thirsty. The waiters serve food and drinks and everyone is happy.

Cutting of Cake

The wedding cake is normally big in size. The bride and groom make the first cut and feed each other which symbolizes love and care. The rest of the cake and the other cake is now served to everyone by waiters in the reception hall.

Toast to the Latest Couple in Town

With arms interlocked and drinks held aloft, the bride and groom make a toast to one another. This is followed by the best man and maid of honour making a toast to the bridal couple.


The Couple’s First Dance

This is always fun and entertaining; the new couple take the center stage and show everyone their dancing steps. The MC challenges the wife to show she’s the best dancer while also doing the same to the husband. It is normally fun and intense.

After the couple’s dance, the father dances with daughter (the bride) while the groom also dances with his mother. In case the parents are deceased, an elderly person can always represent.

Bouquet and Garter Toss

This is always fun since most of the groomsmen and bridal train are always single and looking forward to getting married as well. The bride tosses her bouquet to the single women in attendance, whoever catches is expected to be next in line for marriage.

After this, a chair is set at the centre of the dance floor for the bride to sit on. As she sits, the groom removes the garter from her leg and tosses it to all the dingle men in attendance. Whoever catches is expected to be next in line for marriage.

Dancing and Fun

The dance floor is now opened for everyone. The DJ starts scratching while the guests dance away their sorrows. The new couple also joins in the fun if they wish.

Vote of Thanks and Closing of Ceremony

This is important in a Nigerian wedding reception program or even anywhere in the world. The couple shows gratitude and appreciates all the guests who took the time to honour their invitation and made their day.

After the vote of thanks, the event is over and everyone heads home.

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