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The Ultimate Guide on How to Become a Yahoo Boy in Nigeria

Something must have aroused your interest that made you search Google for how to become a Yahoo boy in Nigeria.  Before we go forward, we would like to put out this disclaimer – PunchyInfo does not in any way support crimes or fraud and we would not be held liable for whatever actions you take after reading this. This content has only been put out for educational purposes only.

Who is a Yahoo Boy?

Before Gmail become the go-to email address for anyone who wanted to open a new mail address, Yahoo was the biggest in the early 2000s. That time Yahoo Messenger was the biggest IM in the world; if you do not use Yahoo Messenger in the early 2000s in Nigeria you are not considered to be internet or social savvy.

Cyber cafes were rampant and people would go sleep overnight to use Yahoo Messenger to chat with foreigners they’ve never seen before. They would develop personal relationships and device ways to get money from unsuspecting victims who thinks he/she has found a new lover in Nigeria. These victims called “Clients” send money in foreign currencies (usually in USD) and when converted to Nigerian Naira becomes a large amount of money. This process evolved with time with the Nigerians who participate in such acts living a lavish lifestyle and getting rich; this was how the term Yahoo Boy began.

So, in simple term, a Yahoo Boy is a con artist or fraudster who gains the trust of unsuspecting victims in order to swindle them.

Requirements to Become a Yahoo Boy in Nigeria

So, you want to know how to become a Yahoo Boy or you are just curious about the topic. We will outline below how one is birthed.

Be Very Smart and Intelligent

Yahoo Boys are fraudsters and a fraudster is someone that is very smart and intelligent. If you are not smart or intelligent, you cannot swindle someone. The fraud or “419” business requires you to think strategic ways that unsuspecting victims wouldn’t think of, so you must be five steps ahead of your victims. In fact, if you are dull you will go to jail quickly if you venture into the Yahoo Yahoo business.

Get a Computer and a Good Smartphone

The Yahoo Boy business happens online, to access the internet you need a computer and a smartphone. It is a must that you have a laptop and a smartphone, with these you can contact your clients and save everything you want.

How to become a yahoo boy in Nigeria
Arrested Yahoo Boys, image: PM News

Most Yahoo boys begin with a Windows PC then upgrade to a MacBook when the business starts booming. It’s your call.

Get a Strong and Reliable Internet Connection

You must be online 24/7 with a reliable internet connection because you don’t know when your client might message you. Also, your internet must be strong so your messages and files get sent quickly. You can invest in a good WiFi connection like Spectranet or use local service providers like MTN, Glo or 9Mobile.

Get a Good VPN

A Yahoo Boy’s life is built on lies. If you want to become a Yahoo Boy you must mask your location or pretend you are somewhere else. With a VPN you can carry out this, the VPN works hand-in-hand with your internet connection.

Get a Foreign Phone Number

As a Yahoo Boy, you don’t want to make it too local, you will need to act internationally sometimes. If you want to become a Yahoo Boy you need to get a US number or UK number in Nigeria.

How Yahoo Boys Operate in Nigeria

Wait, you thought this was easy? No, it isn’t. The Yahoo Boy business is not for the faint-hearted. There are modus operandis to this just like any successful business.

Dating Scams and Fake Profiles

Most Yahoo Boy dealings usually go through dating scams. They go to dating websites than use social media since people only know what you put out as they see it. They look for victims to swindle through this means.

Fake IDs

Yahoo Boys go to the extent of impersonating US or UK armies they don’t know or they’ve never seen before. These soldiers are normally stationed in Afghanistan or Pakistan while their identities are stolen by one Yahoo Boy in Nigeria. Yahoo boy digs up pictures of these soldiers and even the ones from their private lives.

Yahoo Boys pose themselves as soldiers on battlefields who will return home to marry unsuspecting female victims. These victims get emotionally attached and send money whenever the Yahoo Boy requests for it.

Real Estate, Big Businesses and Bitcoins

The name Invictus Obi rings a bell, right? Before he was caught by the US FBI, Obi was a celebrated Forbes 30 Under 30 entrepreneur destined to be the next Dangote of Africa. Obi’s riches were built on scam and fake business empire. Yahoo boys can learn one or two things from Obi’s ways.

Others lure victims into fake real estate businesses and use bitcoin to mask their frauds.

Email Scams, Phishing and Credit Card Frauds

Another way Yahoo Boys swindle victims is by sending fraudulent emails pretending to be someone you know. When you click on these links your private information is exposed to them and they can swindle you.

Yahoo Boys looks for credit cards to defraud. This is one of the things they do.


Now that you’ve known how they operate, what next for you? Think carefully. For everything you do, there are consequences to your actions. If you are a Yahoo Boy, be ready for the risk that comes with it.

The EFCC in Nigeria and the FBI do not condone fraud. If caught in Nigeria, be ready to throw your life away and spend the rest in jail. Even if you are not caught there are consequences that would fall on you naturally. No one commits evil and has peace of mind.

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