CV Format in Nigeria: How to Create the Perfect Job CV in Nigeria

Getting a job in Nigeria is hard enough, the least you could do for yourself as a job seeker is having a good and well-composed. It is highly imperative you have the right CV format in Nigeria. The labour market is highly competitive and there are so many graduates roaming around the streets who are unemployed. When you apply for a job, what the HR professional sees is your CV, this is what determines if you will make it to the next stage of the recruitment or not.

A typical CV should be a summary of your profile, academic qualifications, your career and your achievements. There are various ways you can write a CV but you have to make sure everything is clear and set apart from each other. Whichever format you go with, there are key information you can’t left out.

Bear in mind, some CVs are suited to a particular role. If you are applying to some jobs, you will need to tweak your CV and tailor it to the requirements of that job, the same goes as your cover letter.

CV Format in Nigeria

A winning CV format in Nigeria is divided under various key sections, we will highlight them below:

CV format in nigeria
CV format
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A regular CV should contain your bio-data which states your full name, address, gender, date of birth and contact details. In some cases, you do not need to add your date of birth because it is irrelevant or it could disqualify you if they are looking for a younger person.


Your profile should give a brief summary of your experience and skills, this should include key information and should be kept as short as possible. This is what catches the recruiter’s attention to read the CV further.



This is a summary of your work experience, it should contain the name of the companies you’ve worked, job tile responsibilities and the period in which you were there. You can out the address of the companies but it isn’t that important. You should start from the most recent to the oldest one.


This is a summary of all the achievements or milestones you’ve achieved that is significant. It could be an award, an important record you broke, a target you surpassed and lots more.


If you are getting a professional job, you will be given a form your referees must sign on your behalf. Your referees vouch for you that you are of good behavior and that they will be responsible in case anything happens. If you are including them on your CV, make sure they are reputable people.

Additional Tips to Craft a Good CV Format in Nigeria

No one wants to read a voluminous amount of CV, it is advisable you keep your CV in just two pages, if you can’t do that it should not exceed three pages. When typing, use bold and legible font and don’t be too stylish. Do not lie on your CV, if you are not very proficient in a skill, do not say you are.

Good luck in your job hunt!

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