A Complete List of Construction Companies in Nigeria

What are the available construction companies in Nigeria? Like most countries in the world, Nigeria has a large number of bridges, roads, and buildings. Moreover, many companies carry out these projects around all parts of the country.

Many of these construction firms have decades of experience while others stand as newcomers to the building scene. Whatever the case, many of these companies have great achievements under their belts.

Do you want to know the top construction companies in Nigeria? Are you interested in their histories? Well, look at this list of the top construction firms in the country.

Construction Companies in Nigeria

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the construction companies in Nigeria making things happen.

Arab Contractors (AC)

With its head office in Lagos, Arab Contractors comes as one of the top firms in Nigeria and Africa. It also has a vast experience in the construction of public buildings and infrastructure while offering consultancy services.

Some of the popular projects carried out by the firm include the construction of the Woi drainage system and Owerri-Elele Road. In Nigeria, Engineer Ossama Moustafa oversees the operations of the company.

Apave Nigeria

If you want a firm with many years of experience, Apave Nigeria should top your list. For a century and a half, this member of the Apave Group has played a major part in the local building sector.  Apart from construction, Apave also offers training and consultancy services.

Adold Engineering Company Ltd

Since 1976, Adold Engineering has provided services in engineering and construction. It has even completed more 250 projects for various banks, telecom, and oil companies. Since it has an efficient storage and logistics network, the company moves materials and equipment with ease.

Brunelli Construction Company (Nigeria) Limited

Brunelli Construction was launched in 1972 and comes as one of the top firms in Nigeria. With a team of foreign and local professionals, the company focuses on the building of jetties, drainages and electric poles. It also has handles dredging and shore protection projects. 

China Civil Engineering Construction Company (CCECC) Nigeria Ltd

Have you seen the popular Ikorodu road in Lagos? If yes, then you have witnessed one of the top jobs of the CCECC. The company also plays an important role in the construction of the Lagos Light Rail project.

In 1979, the CCECC was launched in China but it currently handles projects across many parts of the world. In Nigeria, the company’s subsidiary (CCECC Nigeria) has its office in Lagos and provides services for various high-profile construction jobs in the country.

Costain West Africa

Hailed as an indigenous firm, Costain has a major stake in the Nigerian building sector. It even has branches that deal with transportation, furniture and oil industries.

This company’s journey started in 1948 when it took over jobs handled by the building department of John Holt and Company. Since then, it has worked on multiple jobs for private, commercial and public uses.

Dantata & Sawoe Construction Company (Nigeria) Limited

This firm has carried out projects for various clients across Nigeria. Launched 40 years ago, it has become one of the biggest names in the construction business.

Notable projects include the construction of the Bayelsa Airport, Benue State Government House and the Edo State House Liason Office. It has also handled the building of major roads, bridges and other infrastructure across Nigeria.

Elalan Construction Company

Since 1982, Elalan stands as one of the best construction firms in Nigeria. The company has its headquarters in Ikoyi and comes as one of the top construction firms in the country.

Elalan has efficient teams that consist of 1200 professionals. Some of these experts come from Nigeria while others are picked from foreign countries.

G Cappa PLC

From its Ebute Metta office in Lagos, G Cappa has carried out many building and civil engineering projects. The firm performs well and has built many high-rise buildings and complex infrastructure in Nigeria.

Julius Berger Nigeria

Most Nigerians know this German firm as one of the best construction companies in the country. After all, it has handled contracts within the country for many years. Such projects include the Eko Bridge that connects parts of Lagos.

Mixta Nigeria

Mixta stands as the local branch of ARM and handles businesses in real estate investment. Since its birth, the company has built houses and malls while owning assets that worth N30 million.

Apart from constructing properties, Mixta also sells, rents and operates the buildings. The Oluwole Urban Mall comes from a partnership between the firm and the Lagos State authorities.

Monier Construction Company (Nigeria) Limited

Nicknamed MCC, this Nigerian owned firm has completed projects in the Southern parts of the country. Apart from building roads, Monier Construction also constructs buildings while owning an impressive selection of equipment.

The firm was launched in 1957 and has its head office at Port Harcourt. It’s also known as one of the members of the Federation of Building and Civil Engineering Contractors in Nigeria.


NetConstruct has its office in Lagos and has completed thousands of homes for its numerous clients. This firm was launched in 2001 and focuses on real estate.

Reynolds Construction Company

If you need another top firm in Nigeria, you should check out Reynolds Construction Company. Known as the local subsidiary of the Swiss-based company – SBI International Holdings, the company started as Nigersol Construction in 1956.

Reynolds has carried out numerous construction jobs including the reconstruction of a major road in Anambra State.

Setraco Nigeria Limited

Within four decades of its existence, Setraco has executed projects across Nigeria. In 1977, the company started with minor jobs in Bendel state but now it has constructed infrastructure in more than 20 states.

Schwartz Kristoffel (SK)

Unlike some construction firms in Nigeria, SK develops durable materials that suit construction projects in tropical regions. Established in 1987, the company started as a technology and material firm before delving into construction and engineering procurement. It’s also involved in real estate and energy distribution.

Saidi Nigeria Ltd

This firm started operations about 22 years ago and consists of various building professionals. Since it ensures retrains its staff with seminars and workshops, Saidi offers excellent services for its numerous clients.

Apart from building transport networks and public housing, the Nigerian firm constructs irrigation systems and provides dredging services.


Seen as one of the youngest names in the construction business, Sujomoto focuses on constructing luxury homes across the country. Sijibomi Ogundele heads this company and the brand comes as one of the youngest growing firms in Nigeria.



Building projects require companies with high flying teams and world-class equipment. Afterall this ensures buildings and infrastructures that will last for many years. To get a good firm in Nigeria, you can check out the names on this list.

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