Mohbad Ilerioluwa Oladimeji Aloba Biography, Cause of Death and Autopsy Result presents the Full Story of a Music Genius gone too soon best known by the nickname “Mohbad”

Our Mohbad biography brings you a complete account of notable events from his childhood. The analysis involves his life story before fame, family background, relationship life, and many OFF-Stage facts (little known) about him.

Yes, everyone knows of his music skills and his untimely death. But only a few consider Mohbad’s full biography, which is quite interesting. Now without further ado, let’s begin.

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Early Life and Family Background

Ilerioluwa Oladimeji Aloba (born June 8, 1996-September 12, 2023), known professionally as MohBad, was a Nigerian rapper, singer and songwriter from Lagos. He was born in Lagos to Yoruba parents, Mariam and Tunde Aloba. Not much is known publicly about his family and early life.

Mohbad likely received basic primary and secondary education in Lagos. He grew up in a lively city environment which played a major role in shaping his musical style. As a child, he was drawn to music and started writing his own lyrics and songs.

Personality and Passions

Those close to Mohbad described him as having a calm, easygoing personality off-stage. He was known as a friendly, down-to-earth person who enjoyed simple pleasures like playing football and video games in his free time.

However, his stage persona was full of energy and passion. Mohbad had an intense love for music from a young age. He was determined to make it big as a rapper and singer.

Despite humble beginnings, Mohbad relentlessly perfected his vocal skills and songwriting abilities. Music was his driving force and he channelled everything into honing his craft.

Early Career

Mohbad started gaining attention in Lagos’ bustling underground hip-hop scene through sharing song freestyles on social media. His viral freestyle of Kizz Daniel’s song ‘Fvck You’ brought him widespread notoriety online.

Impressed by his flow and lyrics, budding music exec Naira Marley reached out to Mohbad. This connection would prove pivotal in his career.

Mohbad began collaborating with artists like Small Doctor and Oladips. His fame grew through catchy songs “Ponmo” and “Balan Zia Gar.” Mohbad’s inventive rapping and melody soon caught the attention of Nigeria’s top music labels.

Joining Marlian Music

In 2019, Naira Marley signed Mohbad to his buzzing Marlian Music label alongside artists like Zinoleesky, Fabian Blu and Cblack.

Mohbad fit right in with Marlian Music’s youthful vibe. He coined his stage name as a play on Naira “Marlians” and started recording at their studio. Marley gave Mohbad access to top producers and collaborators.

With Marlian Music’s backing, Mohbad’s career took off. He toured Nigeria and gained legions of fans drawn to his high-energy live shows. However, his time at Marlian Music would later end in controversy.

Rise to Stardom

Mohbad’s career reached new heights after joining Marlian Music. He released his acclaimed debut EP ‘Light’ in 2020, showcasing his talent and versatility.

Songs like “Ponmo” and “KPK” elevated Mohbad to bonafide stardom across Nigeria. He became known for his unique vocal tone, captivating flows and earworm choruses. Mohbad’s music blended hip-hop, Afrobeat, pop and street anthems.

He racked up music award nominations and became a fixture on Nigerian radio. By 2021, Mohbad was selling out shows internationally and was considered a leader of the new school Afrobeat movement.

Signature Songs and Hits

Mohbad had a string of huge hits that boosted his popularity. Here are some of his signature songs:

  • -“Ponmo” – This addictive track about cow skin went viral and introduced Mohbad’s talent to the mainstream. It features Naira Marley and Lil Kesh.
  • -“KPK (Ko Por Ke)” – Nominated for major awards, this smash hit showcases Mohbad’s rapidfire delivery and ingenuity.
  • -“Feel Good” – An inspirational anthem blending rap and pop. It displays Mohbad’s versatility as an artist.
  • -“Balan Zia Gar” – High energy street jam featuring Small Doctor rapping in Yoruba and pidgin.
  • -“Oja” – Catchy track proving Mohbad could hold his own with veteran Oladips. Filled with clever wordplay.
  • -“Ronaldo” – Sports-themed song showing Mohbad’s storytelling skills and celebration of achievers.

Marlian Music Controversy

In October 2022, Mohbad suddenly left Marlian Music and made serious allegations against Naira Marley. He claimed Marley ordered people to assault him when he requested changing management.

Mohbad accused his former label of exploitative contracts and threats. He disavowed Marlian Music in viral social media videos. Marley denied the allegations and suggested Mohbad was manipulated into smearing his name. The controversy brought Mohbad sympathy from some fans. But it also caused others to question his character. This public dispute pitted Mohbad against his former mentor in an ugly feud right as his career reached its peak.

Music Style and Influences

Mohbad had a versatile sound that blended elements of rap, Afrobeat, pop, R&B and street anthems. His songs often featured catchy hooks, witty punchlines and rapid lyrical flows in English and Yoruba.

He cited Nigerian music legends like 2face, 9ice and Lord of Ajasa as his main influences growing up. Mohbad also took inspiration from contemporary artists like Olamide, Lil Kesh and Naira Marley’s free-spirited energy.

While paying homage to those before him, Mohbad crafted his own distinctive style. His creativity shined through memorable lyrics, indigenous slang and repetitive melodies that got stuck in people’s heads.

Net Worth

At the time of his passing, Mohbad had an estimated net worth of $300,000 according to multiple reports. The bulk of his wealth came from music sales, streaming royalties, show bookings and endorsements.

Mohbad lived a comfortable lifestyle from his music earnings but was not extravagant. He preferred investing his money back into his career over materialism. Mohbad’s net worth likely would have grown exponentially had his career continued.

Relationship and Dating Life

In contrast to keeping his dating life private, Mohbad was open about being a father. He had a son with his longtime girlfriend Wunmi.

Mohbad often posted photos with Wunmi and his son on social media. He was proud to show his growth into fatherhood and dedicated songs to his son. Though unmarried, Mohbad seemed to have a strong family bond with Wunmi and his son. Their son was the light of Mohbad’s life and his biggest motivation.

Personality and Public Image

Mohbad gave off a fun, optimistic aura that endeared him to fans. He was constantly smiling, laughing and bringing good vibes on stage and in interviews. Behind the scenes, those close to Mohbad described him as laidback and centred. Despite his rapid success, he maintained humility and was generous towards his team.

Untimely Death

On September 12, 2023, Mohbad was found dead in his Lagos home at the young age of 27. Initial reports suggest he died in his sleep though no official cause was immediately provided. His sudden passing sent shockwaves through the music industry and devastated his global fanbase. Condolences poured in from collaborators like Naira Marley, Rexxie, DJ Spinall and others mourning his death.

Mohbad was primed to take his career to the next level right as his life was tragically cut short. His untimely demise robbed Nigeria of one of its most promising young talents.

Mohbad’s Parents and Stepmother

Mohbad was born to parents Mr. and Mrs. Oladimeji in Lagos, Nigeria. His father is a Pastor. Mohbad’s father and mother later separated for unspecified reasons while Mohbad was still a child.

After his parents split, Mohbad’s father remarried. Mohbad’s stepmother helped raise him along with his father Tunde. However, Mohbad implied having a distant relationship with his stepmother. In the song “Sorry,” he accused her of not caring for him after his parent’s divorce. This apparently caused deep resentment in Mohbad.

Autopsy and Speculation

Mohbad died unexpectedly on September 12, 2023, at age 27. He was swiftly buried the next day without an autopsy. This raised controversy, as photos emerged showing Mohbad’s body buried at an odd angle with his neck bent sideways. Critics blasted the hasty funeral arrangements.

Following public outcry, Mohbad’s body was exhumed days later for examination. Officials have not released the autopsy report yet, leading to rampant speculation on social media. Some fans theorize Mohbad may have been poisoned or killed through dark occult means. Others argue his death was natural or drug-related. Only the awaited autopsy can give definitive closure.


Despite his short career, Mohbad leaves behind a strong musical legacy, especially among Nigeria’s youth. Songs like “Feel Good” and “KPK” will be Afrobeat staples for generations.

Mohbad helped pioneer the modernized rap/Afrobeat crossover sound that dominates Nigerian pop today. His crooning rap style inspired many newcomers. Beyond the hits, Mohbad will be remembered for his originality, work ethic and never giving up on his dreams. He overcame poverty and obscurity to achieve stardom on his own terms.

The headlines around Mohbad’s death focused on controversy with his label. But his legacy as an artist who touched millions will live on. Though gone too soon, his music will continue inspiring Nigerian talent for years to come.