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Tonto Dikeh Net Worth, Biography, Cars, and Lifestyle

If you are a follower or fan of Nollywood, then you will be familiar with the popular actress, which this write-up is centred on; here is all you need to know about Tonto Dikeh net worth, biography, cars, and lifestyle.

Tonto Dikeh or Tonto Dike is one of the biggest names in the Nigerian movie industry as of now, having acted in and produced a lot of great films. Born in Ikwerre, Port Harcourt, Rivers, and 34 years of age, she’s a Nigerian actress, singer, songwriter, and humanitarian.

The artist grew up in a family of seven (7) and lost her mother when she was only three. In addition to this, she is the 3rd child of his five brothers and two other ones from her stepmother. Tonto Dikeh, then a baby, was left in his father’s care following the demise of her mother.

The actress had her primary and secondary education in Port Harcourt, after proceeding to the Rivers State University of Science and Technology (RSU) to study Petrochemical Engineering. Dike is among Nigeria’s most controversial Nollywood actresses of all time.

Let’s now dive deep into Tonto Dikeh net worth, biography, cars, and lifestyle.

Quick Facts about Tonto Dikeh

Below, we have outlined some quick facts about the mother of one:

  • Real Name: Tonto Dike or Tonto Dikeh
  • Age: 34 years
  • Date of Birth: June 9, 1985
  • Place of Birth: Obio Akpor Local Government Area, Port Harcourt, Rivers State
  • State of Origin: Rivers state
  • Nationality: Nigerian
  • Net Worth: $500,000
  • Occupation: Actress, singer, songwriter, and philanthropist
  • Marital status: Divorced

Tonto Dikeh Net Worth

In 2017, Tonto Dikeh net worth was estimated to be about $1M, making her one of the richest actors in Nollywood. As of now, a number of sources online have evaluated her net worth to be in the region of $500,000 (about ₦180.75M).

Her sources of revenue include proceeds for her acting business, music sales, and endorsement deals.

She inked a ₦100M endorsement deal on May 23, 2019, with Zikel Cosmetics, setting the record for being the first Nigerian celeb to be paid this whopping amount as an ambassador of a makeup company in Africa.


Tonto Dike Biography

Tonto Charity Dikeh was born on the 9th of June in 1985 into a family of seven and as the 3rd of five kids. She was born in Obio-Akpor LGA in Rivers State, where she also grew up. The 34-year-old is of Ikwerre descent.

She has never tasted poverty in her life as her family is rich and gave her everything she‘d wanted as a child. When Dike was only 3, she lost her mum. She was raised by her step-mum that’s two kids (boys).

Tonto Dikeh completed her primary and secondary education in Port Harcourt. She then gained to RSU to study Petrochemical Engineering. 

She stated that she liked paternal love because her dad was always there for her, so she did not miss anything despite losing her mum as a three-year-old baby. After the demise of her mother, her dad remarried, and both he and her stepmother tried their best to take care of her, filling the void her mum left behind.

Tonto Dike Acting and Music Careers

She came into public view in 2005 with a movie titled Dirty Secret, which is a blockbuster film that generated a lot of controversies in this country as it contains many adult scenes.

Further, she participated in and won the television show The Next Movie Star. After emerging the winner of the talent scouting program on TV, Dike’s popularity soared in Nigeria, and this made her get leading roles in a number of movies.

One of the most famous film actors in the Nollywood film industry, she boasts over 5.3 million followers on Instagram.

Since 2005, Tonto Dikeh — who is also called Mama King — has featured in not less than 200 Nollywood movies. These include Missing Child, Dangerous Child, Ropes of Faith, Garden of Love, Men in Love, Before the Rain, Royal Apart, The Bride is Mine, Native Son, Last Mission, Princess of My Life, Fatal Error, Zara, Miss Maradona, and several other films.

After achieving a successful acting career, she decided to venture into the music industry. She then dropped some singles; however, her music stirs much controversy in Nigeria because people deprecate her music style and vocal ability. Dike signed with TGP Entertainment belonging to Terry G.

Some sources, however, have claimed D Banj, whose real name is Dapo Oyebanji, was the one that registered her signature on his DB Records label on June 13, 2014.

She entered the music industry with two debut singles, which are titled Hi and Itz Ova featuring Snypa. When pop star D’banj signed her to DB Records label in June 2014, some of her followers suspected that the two had something else going on apart from music. Later, in March 2015, the artist announced her departure from the record label.

Tonto Dike Movies and Songs

Here are the movies and songs of the actress and singer:

  • Divine Grace
  • Pounds and Dollars
  • Tea or Coffee
  • Final Hour
  • Missing Rib
  • 7 Graves
  • Away Match
  • Crisis in Paradise
  • Games Fools Play
  • Insecurity
  • Dangerous Beauty
  • The Plain Truth
  • Love my Way
  • Total Love
  • Before the Fall
  • Native Son
  • My Fantasy
  • Missing Child
  • Strength to Strength
  • Dirty Secret
  • Zara
  • Blackberry Babes Re-loaded
  • Last Mission
  • Rush Hour
  • Secret Mission
  • Family Disgrace
  • Fatal Mistake
  • Miss Maradonna
  • Mortal Desire
  • Then Terror of a Widow 1
  • Then Terror of a Widow 2
  • Criminal Widow 1
  • Criminal Widow 2
  • Throne of War
  • Battle of the Queens


  • Hi (2012)
  • Itz Ova 2012 
  • Crazically Fit (feat. Terry G, 2012) 
  • Jeje 2013 
  • Sheba (feat. Solidstar, 2013) 
  • Ekebe (2014) 
  • Sugar Rush (feat. D’banj, 2015) 

Tonto Dike Cars

Dikeh owns a variety of expensive cars from great auto brands. In 2016, whilst she was pregnant, her ex-husband Oladunni Churchill gifted her the 2016 edition of Toyota Land Cruiser Prado. This is an elegant sport utility vehicle (SUV), which is reputed for being both a competent and reliable on-road & off-road vehicle.

Tonto Dikeh cars

She is also said to own a Lexus 520 2017 model. Apart from these two, Tonto Dike’s car collection has some other vehicles.

Tonto Dike Lifestyle

Tonto Dike is among Nollywood’s most controversial actors, who many regard as living a very reckless life with a nonchalant attitude.

When she tied the nuptial knots with Olakunle Churchill in August 2015, most of her fans were happy, though they found it slightly surprising that she could establish a stable relationship leading to marriage with her reckless lifestyle. In February 2016, the actress welcomed her first child, christened Andre Omodayo Churchill and nicknamed Baby X.  After a couple of months in the same year, she took to Instagram to announce that she had hit 1 million followers.

Tonto Dikeh and ex-husband Churchill
Tonto Dikeh with Ex-husband, Churchill

Unfortunately, after only a year of marriage to Andre Omodayo Churchill, the relationship hit the rocks. And following series of verbal attacks online, the couple parted ways.

On International Women’s Day in 2017, the mother one revealed in a video that she was a victim of domestic violence and was infected with sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) in her marriage to her estranged husband, Mr. Churchill. Tonto Dikeh also explained that she opted for divorce due to her husband’s infidelity as he was having an affair with Rosaline Meurer, one of her protégés.

This was later confirmed to be true by many online reports.

In the wake of their divorce, news broke in June 2017 that Tonto’s dad had returned the bride price Olakunle Churchill paid during his traditional wedding girlfriend to his former son-in-law. As of now, Dike isn’t married, but she is in a relationship.

“My boyfriend is Muslim. I am dating a Muslim man and I won’t be in a serious relationship with him if I don’t feel I might or could end up with him. For me, it’s not about religion but I think the person,” Tonto Dike revealed in a tell-it-all interview.

Talking about tattoos, Tonto seems to have a special interest in those. She once stated that there are 57 tattoos on her body. She has tattoos in different parts of her body. One of those tattoos bears the name Tee engraved on one of her legs.

Not too long ago, the actor cum singer announced that she had become a Christian born again and expressed her resolution to eliminate all her tattoos.

Apart from being an actor and a signer, the 34-year old is also a philanthropist, who’s the founder of the Tonto Dikeh Foundation. The NGO provides support for girls and women that are victims of rape, sexual harassment or assault.

Tonto Dikeh and Son, Andre
Tonto Dikeh with Son

The foundation gives hope to these vulnerable young women, offering them moral and financial help through their partners based on individual cases. They also support them during prenatal and postnatal periods, offering them guidance so that they can feel a new sense of belonging in society and offer them another chance in life to become successful.

Apart from these, the Tonto Dikeh Foundation also help young mothers in taking care of their kids by providing them with accommodation and supporting their nutrition, maintenance, education and other things a child will need to grow into a great person.

This is all we have for you on Tonto Dikeh net worth, biography, cars, and lifestyle.

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