Lagos Business School Short Courses Guide

Known as one of the top business schools in Nigeria, the Lagos Business School has provided quality education for many years. Starting in 1992, the institution was known as the Centre for Professional Communication.

Ten years later, it became the Lagos Business School. Moreover, it stands as the first school of the Pan Atlantic University. In 2016, the Association of Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) offered accreditation to the LBS thereby making it the first school in West Africa to receive this rating.

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The action placed the Lagos-based institution among the world’s top-ranked business schools. A year later, the Financial Times placed the LBS in the 55th place on the list of open enrolment program centres in the world.

Do you want to know the courses offered by the school? Are you curious about what each program has to offer? If yes, read on and have a perfect idea of Lagos Business School Short Courses.

Advanced Management Programme

This course focuses on members of management teams in a large company. Since they have reached top positions, these executives do not need to work as specialists. Instead, they ensure that various departments (of their organizations) work as a unit.

The Advanced Management Programme also provides executives with skills to lead these institutions. Moreover, students have the chance to network with individuals from different industries.

The program runs for 5 months but you will have an intensive week of study for each month. Also, the LBS will teach this course via the module system.


Benefits for C-Level Executives

  • It offers the opportunity to learn about business and meet a wide selection of professionals.
  • Students will partake in practical sessions with local and international senior executives. These CEOs will come from various industries.
  • It teaches the latest business practices while expanding your network to include CEOs from countries across the world
  • It broadens your view of a business and helps you relate its primary markets to national and global economies.
  • It equips you with the skills to handle the pressure of doing business in a fast-paced world.
  • It prepares members of management teams for top-flight positions.

Owner Manager Programme

If you own or manage an SME, consider applying for the Owner Manager Programme. Apart from offering better management skills, the course helps you learn from the experiences of professionals from several industries.

Senior Management Programme (SMP)

Like most Lagos Business School Short courses, the program helps you play a major role in the growth of your establishment. However, this course meets the needs of senior managers while offering a platform to meet top-flight professionals from across the world. Targeted students for this course include Unit Heads, Regional Managers, Functional Senior Managers, and Assistant Managers.

It also offers training in various management disciplines while enhancing the personal skills of its applicants. Furthermore, the course builds up your strategic planning skills. It teaches these skills via the case study method, simulation games, and role-playing.

The course runs for six weeks across six months. During this period, you will have a week of intensive study.

Benefits for C-Level Executives

  • It offers a better knowledge of business concerning the market economy at the national and global levels.
  • It provides the skills to handle economic risk.
  • Enhances technical skills for managerial tasks.
  • It ensures professional practices in your personal and business life.
  • Enhances emotional intelligence and builds your teamwork abilities.
  • It offers you the ability to handle top positions in your company.
  • It provides a channel to meet your personal goals. It also helps you promote the objectives of your organization.

Agribusiness Management Program (AgMP)

Like most Lagos Business School short courses, this program applies theory in real-life situations. It also trains managers of Agric-related businesses to promote the growth of these establishments.

The course runs for 5 months while educating via the modular system. During the program, students are exposed to 5 days of modular blocks thereby leading to about two weeks of contact.

Benefits of the Agribusiness Management Program (AgMp)

  • It offers knowledge through various methods including case studies, simulations, lectures, and skills practice. It also provides a platform for students to discuss and test their teamwork skills.
  • It provides the skills needed to ensure positive financial and operational choices.
  • It allows you to test your abilities with field-based projects.
  • Builds your planning skills with a knowledge of various trends at all levels.
  • Gives you tools to improve your managerial skills.
  • It helps you understand the value chain model and the roles of various concerned players in this relationship.
  • Exposes you to the profitable processed food market.
  • Observe the use of the value chain method by visiting a local or foreign farm that employs this model.

Young Talents’ Programme

This part of the school focuses on talented university students from all parts of the country. Here, suitable candidates are picked for a scholarship academy run by the LBS. Unlike other courses, the program runs for a day.

Management Acceleration Programme

The Management Acceleration Programme helps top-level management harness their skills in tapping raw talent within their organizations. Across four months, it uses the modular format to teach students drawn from various establishments. Moreover, they will undergo intensive training within a week of every 2 months.

Benefits of the Management Acceleration Programme

  • Enhances your managerial skills.
  • It helps you achieve your personal and professional goals.

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