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The Celestial Church of Christ Logo and its Symbols

The Celestial Church of Christ is popularly known as “Cele” in Nigeria and some also refer to them as the “White Garment Church”. In this post, we will give a brief introduction of the church and also explain its logo what it symbolizes.

The church was founded by a former carpenter, Samuel Bilewu Joseph Oshoffa in May 1974 after he had a divine revelation. It began at Dahomey now known as Benin when he was in the firest to purchase Ebony wood. Oshoffa was in the wilderness for fourty days and fourty nights.

Oshoffa died in 1985 and he was succeeded by Alexander Abiodun Bada. Over the years, the church has grown to be one of the prominent ones with many Parishes and Dioceses all over the world. Its headquarters is in Nigeria.


Like every place of worship, the Celestial Church of Christ has its own code of conduct that all members must abide with. The church is particularly governed by twelve major recommendations which includes things that have been banned, Let’s outline them below:

  • Celestial members cannot wear shoes in the church or when wearing the Sutana.
  • Members must renounce all secret cults, societies and fraternities.
  • Smoking of tobacco products and alcoholic beverages are not allowed.
  • Renounce the worship of all idols and fetish practices.
  • Desist from the worship of Satan and all his works, from following any fetish priests and from engaging in magic or any powers of darkness.
  • Renounce all titles, position, or associations, which directly or indirectly conflict with the above injunctions (e.g. any type of Chieftaincy title).
  • Declare that living and dead, he is a full member of the Celestial Church of Christ and that on his death, he should be buried in accordance with the tenets and rites of Celestial Church of Christ.
  • Must have joined the church for at least one year before he or she can be baptized in the Church; and can only receive anointment at least two years after his or her baptism depending and to commensurate with his or her activities in the church.
  • Celestial Church of Christ does not encourage polygamy.
  • emale members cannot come into the Church during their monthly period.  They are free to return after sanctification on the eighth day (Lev. 12: 1-3).
  • After delivery of a new baby, the mother shall not return to the church with the baby until after the period of purification which is the 40th day after delivery. (Luke 2:22).
  • Female members cannot enter the Sanctuary without appropriately covering their heads.

Celestial Church of Christ Logo and its Representation

celestial church of christ logo

Let’s now explain the Celestial Church of Christ logo and what it symbolizes. The logo is very colourful and unique making it recognizable anywhere.

  • The Blue is used by the prophetic office and it represents the Spirit in love.
  • The Sun Yellow colour represents the health of God, its divine radiation and healing.
  • The White colour signifies holiness, heavenliness and power.
  • The Red colour signifies affliction and strife.
  • The Gold colour signifies the glory of God.
  • Purple signifies royalty, majesty and kingly.
  • The Silver represents the redemptive work of Christ.
  • The Green colour signifies restoration and spiritual growth.

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