Regina Daniels Net worth, Biography, Cars, and Lifestyle

Married to a 59-year old man, this young actress — who recently clocked 20 — has shown people that age is nothing but a number; in this post, we take a look at Regina Daniels net worth, cars, and lifestyle.

Regina Daniels is a Nigerian actress, entertainer, and film producer, who started acting right from age 7. A graduate of Hollywood International School, she made her debut in the Nigeria movie industry by playing Onyinye in Marriage of Sorrow. That little girl has now grown up to become an attractive actor with huge public followership.

Mrs Regina gained prominence when she featured in Miracle Child, which is a Nollywood movie released in 2010, starring other big names in the industry such as Chika Ike, Ini Edo, and Mercy Johnson. Let’s explore the facts surrounding Regina Daniels net worth, biography, cars, and lifestyle.

Regina Daniels Net Worth

According to online sources, She is worth a handsome value, Regina Daniels net worth is around $500k – $1M (about ₦180M and above). She is said to pocket ₦600,000 for each movie she performs in. Without any doubt, she is one of the trendiest actresses in Nollywood currently.


Regina Daniels Biography

Born October 10, 2000, Regina Daniels is a Nigerian actress, entertainer, and movie producer, who hails from Delta State. She’s the 5th child in a family of six, comprising of Barrister Jude Ojeogwo (her dad, whom little is known about), her mom, Rita Daniels (also an actress), and three siblings. As an actress, her mom played a pivotal role in Regina’s acting career. 

Concerning her education, she attended Hollywood International School and moved ahead to study Mass Communication at Igbinedion University in 2018. She is married to quondam Senator Ned Nwoko, 59, from the South-East.

In recent times, Regina Daniels’ age has been a subject of controversy. Many people had always believed she was born on the 10th of October in 2000, which means her age is 19. However, sometime last year, around the time the beautiful actress got married to Ned, her mum, Rita Daniels, hinted that she is 20, which implies she was born in 1999.

Regina Daniels net worth
Regina Daniels and husband, Ned Nwoko

However, her father made a different revelation, claiming that the young actress was born on the 10th of October in 2001 in Inland Specialist Hospital in Alagbere, Lagos. This added another twist to everything. If her father’s claim is anything to go by, then Regina Daniels’ real age will be 18.

The more serious implication of this is that she was still underage when she tied the knots with Ned Nwoko as the 2003 Child Rights Act stipulates that the legal age of marriage is 18.

Regina Daniels Acting Career

Regina began acting when she was just 7. Rita Daniels, her mother, gave her immense support as an actress. Also, she was encouraged to pursue her dreams by her siblings.

She had her debut in Marriage of Sorrow, a movie that earned her ₦10,000. The thespian gained prominence when she featured in Miracle Child (2010), where she worked in the company of famous actors, such as Mercy Johnson, Ini Edo, and Chika Ike.

During the preparations for the 2018 general elections, she was appointed Atiku Abubakar’s Youth Campaign Coordinator on 20 January 2019.

She’s acted in many movies and also produced some others. Her filmography comprises the following (in no particular order):

  • Python Girl
  • Dumebi in School
  • The Jericho
  • The Bat-Man
  • Plantain Girl
  • Jaja the Great
  • Tears of Ojiugo
  • Twins Apart (as producer)
  • The Jericho (as producer)
  • Royal Covenant
  • Wipe your Sorrows
  • Traditional War (Part 1)
  • Hanging Coffin
  • Stronger Than the Gods
  • The King and The Python
  • Queen Rebeca
  • Evil messenger 1 & 2

Regina Daniels Cars and Houses

The young actress has ostentatiously displayed her love for luxury on social media as can be seen posts on Facebook and Instagram. She regularly takes stunning pictures using expensive luxury cars as the background. With Regina Daniels net worth, this lifestyle is not surprising.

Regina Daniels car

Although it’s difficult saying accurately the number of cars she has, what is sure is that her car collection is rich going by her frequent posts on social media. She has a 2016 Mercedes Benz GL450 that was reportedly gifted to her by a special person around mid-May last year. This car is said to cost ₦24.2M and has all the luxury experience you’d anticipate from a Mercedes.

Its interior is state-of-art and top-class. The car even has a customized plate number “4EVA 16” that translates to “Forever sixteen”.

In 2018, there were reports suggesting that Regina Daniels bought a Lexus RX300 as her first car to celebrate gaining admission to Igbinedion University, which is sited in Benin City. However, most people are not sure if it was a brand new car or a used one and the specific year’s model it was. If she purchased it as a brand new 2018 model, it is estimated to cost around ₦21M for the base trim.

Regina Daniels cars

Early last year, she was reported to have acquired a number of Mercedes-Benzes with whooping price tags. The first one of those was a Mercedes-Benz ML 350, which is equipped with a robust V6 engine, offering seating for as many as six passengers. This ride has an estimated cost of around ₦37M.

Shortly after buying the ML 350, she acquired a Mercedes C300 4matic around March 2019. It was bought from American used car sellers. Also, in April, Regina Daniels posted catchy pictures of a hot beastly Mercedes Benz G 350 d on her Instagram handle. The 2018 model of the car is estimated to cost ₦120M. Her garage also boasts cars from Rolls Royce brands to Lamborghini’s, Ferraris, and others.

Her husband is said to own a private jet, pictures of which Regina Daniels flaunts on social media.

As regards her houses, we do not have much information on those. But we do know of a certain house that she bought for her mother. It’s a great looking duplex, which is valued to be worth more than ₦50M million and is located in Lekki, Lagos State.

Regina Daniels Lifestyle

Regina is an attractive actor and a controversial figure in the Nigerian entertainment industry. On November 20, 2017, she was allegedly involved in getting intimate pictures of an upcoming actress.

Regina Daniels lifestyle

In a post made by Nigerian blogger Amanda Chisom on Facebook, the victim claimed that she sent intimate pictures to Regina, who asked her to meet with a movie producer that’d train her to improve her acting skills. After the meeting had been held, Regina was reported to have got angry with the aspiring actress, stating the victim should have offered herself to the movie producer. 

Regina Daniels denied all allegations on November 22, 2017, saying a fan was using her name for duping the actress. The impersonator was arrested on November 23, 2017, by the police, in a development that exonerated Regina Daniels.

Regina Daniels Marriage

As regards her married life, in April 2019, the internet was flooded with rumours that the young actress was having an affair with a certain billionaire lawyer, who is 39-40 years older than she. And not too long after that, the identity of the wealthy individual became known as Prince Ned Nwoko that owns a large London law firm. 

Regina Daniels and Husband
Regina and Prince Ned Nwoko

The following month, there was wide speculation online that the Regina Daniels had already got married to the 59-year-old billionaire. On May 26, 2019, the internet was agog with pictures of the Nollywood actress performing the traditional marriage rites, which fully initiated her into the traditional group exclusively for married women in Anioma Community, Delta State. With this revelation, it became clear as daylight that Regina Daniels is formally married to Ned Nwoko.

The news sparked intense debate and criticism on the Internet, mainly because Ned is married to other women, which makes the actress Regina his fifth wife, and also owing to the wide age difference between the two love birds.

In an interview with popular OAP Ifedayo Olarinde, who is professionally called Daddy Freeze, Regina Daniels explained her reasons for choosing an older man as a husband:

I don’t think I could have married someone of my age because I am quite stubborn, very stubborn, my head is not down but with my husband that is not the case because I respect him a lot.”

The YouTube video interview was held when the 20-year-old actress was in Dubai on a holiday with her husband. That was the 1st time she’d agree to talk about her marriage in public.

During that interview, Daddy Freeze equally had a chat with Ned Nwoko on his love story with the young, popular Nollywood actress.

Responding to the question, Mr Nwoko explained: “Some people thought I met her (Regina) through her mother. We met, fell in love and got married within three weeks.”

The only thing I was worried about when he proposed was how I was going to tell my family and not what the public will say or think. I have learned a lot from him. I call him ‘baby’. I used to cook but my husband has stopped me from entering the kitchen because we have cooks and domestic staff.

I taught her how to swim and I learnt under 20 minutes. I have taught over 700 people how to swim in the last four years. It is my passion that’s why I’m building a sports university as you might know.”

The former senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria also made some revelations about his private life:

“I don’t drink alcohol, I don’t eat meat or chicken. I am a Muslim, a lot of people don’t know this. I converted when I was schooling in England. I am not religious but I believe in values and ethos that is what should guide everyone’s conscience,” he revealed.

If you want to connect with Regina Daniels, her social media accounts include the following:

Regina Daniels is one of the youngest and most talented actors in the Nigerian movie industry. She boasts millions of followers (over 6M) on social media, a testament to her popularity in this country. On that note, we draw the curtain on this write-up on Regina Daniels net worth, biography, cars, and lifestyle.

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