How To Make Money In Nigeria and Live Comfortably

There is a saying that “poverty is a state of the mind” and I quite agree with that. If you are not born into wealth or you have no riches to inherit, being poor or reach depends on your mindset. Money is the same all over the world and the same principle applies to making it. Knowing how to make money in Nigeria isn’t different from another country.

You do not want to be poor. Nobody wants to be associated with a poor man and a poor man has no say in society. Money gives you freedom, power and it elevates you in society. In this article, we will give you some very important tips and principles to make money.

10 Important Tips to Make Money in Nigeria

You must understand money does not just fall somewhere. If you follow these principles and you are ready to put in the work, money will come to you.

Provide Value or Solve a Problem

One of the quickest ways you can make money is to identify a need or problem and provide a solution to it. This requires a lot of thinking, be it in your environment or locality, identify something that it lacking, provide a solution for the people and make it a business.

Too many people start a business because someone else is doing it and he is successful; this is very wrong and you will most likely fail. The person identified a problem around him and its working for him, you have to do the same. An example is someone who started an Amala eatery because he knows people around him love to have chilled place where they can eat Amala. That Amala business is going to be successful.

Brand Yourself

Branding is very important in any business. Even if you are selling Eba or Fufu, branding will give you that edge over the regular selling who sells the same thing. Branding also makes you look more professional. People will take you more seriously when they see you are well branded and your business is well organized.


People love freebies and want to enjoy services for free. Most people may not realize already but they are rendering services that can make them rich to people for free. Look within yourself, what are you good at that you are doing for fun?  An example is guys on Twitter who are good with humour and have amassed a lot of followers through this means. You can brand yourself on Twitter and Commercialize so people start paying for your services. If you want to know how to make money in Nigeria, commercialize that fun thing and see how it goes.

Be Creative

Creativity is very important in anything you do; it takes whatever you do to the next level. To be honest, there is nothing new under the sun. What you are trying to do today, someone has probably done it before. There will always be competition, what makes you stand out is your creativity. If you are very creative in whatever you do, you will make a lot of money.

Stay Updated

The world is constantly changing, you can’t be relying on information from 10 or 20 years ago. Technology is improving every day and you have to keep up with this pace or you will be left behind. It is easier to be rich nowadays more than ever, you can be in the comfort of your home and be making money. If you want to know how to make money in Nigeria, you have to be smart.

With technology today, it is easier to be famous more than ever and be wealthy. An example of those making good money from home is Nigerian Instagram comedians. The likes of Lasisi, Maraji and co make videos from the comfort of their home and they earn big.

Check Your Circle

The people you move with goes a long way in influencing you. If you have a close friend smoking cigar, there is a high tendency you will be tempted to try it out one day. If you have a close friend doing Yahoo Yahoo, there is a chance you will join him. If you have a friend who is always forward-thinking and wants to make it bring legally, you will be forced to follow what he does.

If you are poor already and you are moving with poor friends who just sleep and wake up daily without thinking, you all will be poor till death.

Be Humble and Be Willing to Learn

You have to be willing to learn because no one knows it all. There are many places you can learn from; you can learn so many things online or you can beg a leader in a particular industry to learn from them.

For example, you want to start a watermelon farming business, you go to meet someone who is already in the business and you beg them or you even volunteer to work for free under them. This will give you the required experience to kickstart your own business.


Take Calculated Risks

If you want to be rich, you have to be brave and take calculated risks when required. There are times you have to go all-in or burst, be ready to make that move. Most times, the big break you need comes from making this moves.

Work Smart and Be Consistent

It is good to work hard but hard work without smart work is foolish. In whatever you do, always have that at the back of your mind. Combining smart work with hard work will make you go far quickly. You need to be consistent as well in whatever you do.

Trust the Process

Getting rich is a process, you might as well be an armed robber if you want to get rich quickly. Put in the work, trust the process and constantly evaluate yourself to see the areas you can be better because there is always room for improvement.

Wrapping Up

Now that you know how to make money in Nigeria, it is very important you put these tips to practice. Remember, fortune favours the brave.

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