10 Hip-Hop facts You Probably Didn’t Know About

Are you really well grounded in hip-hop? Well, let’s test that by dishing out these hip-hop facts you probably have not heard about. The music industry is a big one and hip-hop is arguably the most popular genre widely embraced by the old and young.

Over the years, the hip-hop scene has produced a lot of great artists such as Jay Z, Tupac, Biggie and new generation ones like Drake, Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole and many more. Behind the scene, a lot happens that even the most devout followers of these artists do not know. In this article, we will list some of the wow hip-hop facts you probably didn’t know.

Wow Hip-Hop Facts That Will Surprise You

  1. Jay-Z’s moniker HOVA means Hustler of Virginia, accrued from his time as a coke dealer in Virginia in the late 80s before he became Rap’s first billionaire.
  2. Tupac, the Los Angeles rapper was originally from New York City and once went by MC Baltimore earlier in his rap career.
  3. Sean “Puffy” Combs, the Bad Boy guru and business tycoon was a backup dancer in his earlier years from Big Daddy Kane (Jay-Z’s Mentor) and Heavy D.
  4. Kendrick Lamar was on set for Dr Dre and Tupac’s California Love video shot near his home in 1996, decades later K.Dot is LA’s flag-bearer in contemporary hip-hop, talk about destiny.
  5. Nasir Oludara Jones, also known as Esco and popularly known as Nas, arguably the greatest lyricist the rap scene has ever seen has never won a Grammy for his own project, rather he won one from writing Will Smith’s dance track Gettin’ Jiggy With It in 1997.
  6. Jay-Z and Busta Rhymes attended the same high school and once had a freestyle in the school cafeteria, can you guess who won? DMX and The Notorious BIG also attended the same school, same goes for Snoop Dogg and Cameron Diaz, Snoop has said that he sold the Hollywood star a pound of weed once or twice
  7. Lil Wayne accidentally shot himself in the chest twice, missing his heart by 2 inches. Does the bar “2 more inches’ I’d have been in that casket, according to the doctor, I could have died in traffic” come to mind? Thanks to the white cop who heard gunshots rushed him to the hospital and stayed with him till the surgery was over.
  8. Outkast’s smash hit Ms Jackson is a true-life story dedicated to Andre 3k’s ex-lover and baby mother, Erykah Badu. She was understandably emotional when she first heard the song and Big Boi’s verses pissed her TF off.
  9. Mase once got a beating so bad from Wu-Tang’s Ghostface Killah that had his jaw shattered and metal plates had to be installed.
  10. Jay-Z album, The Blueprint which many rap critics have cited as his best work ever was written in only 2 days, incredible!

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There you have it! How many from our list do you know before? Do you have more hip-hop facts to share with us? Drop them in the comments section.

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