public holidays in nigeria

Public Holidays in Nigeria in 2021

Public holidays in Nigeria are lifesavers, those who do the regular 9-5 jobs will testify to this. Everyone deserves a break especially after a busy time at school or work. Although weekends might offer some downtime, a public holiday comes as an ideal period to relax with friends and loved ones.

Surprisingly, few people have an idea about the types of public holidays in Nigeria. Moreover, other individuals do not even know the dates of these special occasions.

Having the dates of public holidays at your fingertips has its benefits. First, it gives you ample time to plan for the day’s festivities. It also helps you prepare for any travel arrangements you might have.

Now let’s show you the public holidays in Nigeria in 2020.

Public Holidays in Nigeria

  • January 1st (Wednesday) – New Year
  • April 19 (Saturday) – Good Friday
  • April 22 (Tuesday) – Easter Monday
  • May 1 (Thursday) – Workers’ Day in Nigeria
  • June 5-6 (Thursday and Friday) – Eid al-Fitr
  • June 12 (Thursday) – Democracy Day
  • August 12-13 (Tuesday and Wednesday) – Eid-el Kabir
  • October 1 (Wednesday) – National Day or Independence Day
  • November 10 (Monday) – Id el Maulud
  • December 25 (Thursday) – Christmas Day
  • December 26 (Friday) – Boxing Day


If you look closely, you will discover that previous years also share the dates on this list. However, some public holidays in Nigeria 2020 are new additions to the calendar while others are subject to change by the government.

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