Owanbe In Biggie’s House Captured with PHANTOM X

 It’s not news again that every Saturday night in biggie’s house, it’s party and fun fare time.

Last Saturday night got a new twist as the housemate were turned into royalties with the traditional attires given to them, they all looked stunning and majestically fitted.

As you all know, the BBnaija party always comes with the paparazzi, and the exceptional extraordinary Phantom X was fully ready for all the shots, as each housemate took turns to get a taste of their beautiful well-dressed self into the Picture Centric Phantom X.

Some of the housemates even took time to express their situationship or is it romanceship (if there is any word like that) through the lens of the PHANTOM X, making it look more of a couples night.

I will definitely love to see the ship that will sail through the house to the outside world, but, for now, let’s keep enjoying  BBNAIJA Season 6 Show.

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