How To Use the Camera Modes On Camon 16 Premier

The latest Camon 16 devices are equipped with top-notch camera features that help you take good looking images both day and night. So in this article, we would be taking a look at the various camera modes present on the device and what the mean.

X1 Mode: This is the default mode when you open your Camera. It shows a pretty decent angle and covers a fair amount of space. It is quite cool for regular picture taking, under normal circumstances

X2 Mode: This mode is a bit zoomed. It still offers the same camera quality, but close up. This is most useful when you are a bit far from the subject you want to take and can’t get closer. It is also useful when there are so many people in the background and you want the camera to focus more on the subject than the rest.


Wide Angle Mode: This mode is specifically good when you want to capture a whole lot more detail in a picture. In this mode, the camera angle is broader and can see a whole lot more. This mode is particularly useful when capturing a group selfie, or a wide expanse of area.

Macro Camera Mode: In this mode, you can view objects that are very little. In the normal camera view, when you go so close to an object, the camera becomes blurry because it can’t locate the focus. But in this mode, your camera captures and focuses on even the smallest grain of sand, and pictures taken in this mode a crisp and detailed.

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