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Become An Instant Millionaire in The TECNO Millionaire Promo!

If you had a million Naira now, what would you do? Take a much-needed vacation, pay off those pending bills, or start off that small business you’ve always wanted to? Having dreamed of the millionaire life, here is your chance to become one thanks to TECNO!

Have you heard of the TECNO MILLIONAIRE PROMO?

The TECNO millionaire promo is open to all fans and users where the grand prize winner goes home with a huge sum of 1 million Naira. Still, other winners get to win several prizes among which include 100k shopping vouchers, televisions, rechargeable fans, refrigerators, and blenders, among other household appliances.

Want to win the whooping One Million Naira?

TECNO always makes things easy for their fans and loyal customers, so you don’t have to worry! Walk into any authorized TECNO retail outlet and buy any of the Camon 18, Camon 18P or Camon 18 Premier, get a discount plus an instant gift, as well the raffle ticket that qualifies you for the weekly draws.

Weekly draws will be conducted Nationwide across 7 regions, and also online via a Facebook live draw where lucky winners get to win the shopping vouchers and home appliances. The final draw will hold on May 13 for 1 lucky customer to win a whopping One Million Naira!

Hurry now, the promo starts on April 5th and ends on May 5th, 2022, so get your family and friends ready. TECNO’s Millionaire promo is the start of something new. You could be a million naira richer any day now. Be sure to follow TECNO on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for all the latest on this promo and many more juicy updates!


4 responses to “Become An Instant Millionaire in The TECNO Millionaire Promo!”

  1. Winning 1 million will make sense and also give someone leverage to become multi millionaire.

  2. Olusegunade avatar

    It is so easy to be a millionaire with Tecno

  3. behankey avatar

    Love promos like this, get a phone and stand a chance of becoming a millionaire

  4. Scarycuteface avatar

    this promo will be the start of something new for some people

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